Playlist image From June 1st: €9 ticket for public transport in Germany
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From June 1st: €9 ticket for public transport in Germany

As part of the second relief package for increased energy costs, the German federal government has decided on an attractively priced personal monthly ticket for the price of 9 euros per month for the use of local public transport for a period of three months. The promotion has a duration of three calendar months and starts on June 1, 2022. Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

Tracks (14)

  1. Good Trip UBM 2455

    Lively guitar pop for the whole family. Sounds like a bike tour, a picnic trip or a road trip with friends.

  2. Electric Driving UBM 2429

    Futuristic sounds for images of environmentally conscious, sustainable mobility. Contemporary, optimistic and dynamic. Electronic, with pizzicato strings and backward effects as accents.

  3. Throw it away NYH001

    Neutral and airy, this track is suitable for weather reports or drawing lottery numbers.

  4. Greater London UBM 2451

    Airily arranged, rhythmically restrained crackling and crunching piece referencing the British club sound aesthetic of the late nineties.

  5. Fast And Slow UBM 2444

    House music vibes with a stomping beat meet a trebly jazz rhythm guitar part and acoustic percussion with bongos. A neutral-sounding multi-purpose track with a gripping rhythm.

  6. Problem Manager UBM 2426

    Serious strings and warm piano chords create an urgent atmosphere. Ideal for documentaries about global warming and environmental activism.

  7. Kick Around The Corner UBM 2402

    Catchy electronic track for articles about design, work in the recording studio or relaxed after-hours lounging.

  8. Space Time UBM 2301

    Busy, break beat, and energizing. With a frivolous positive vibe. A sligtly neo film noir feeling to it.

  9. Forward UBM 2432

    Neutral to optimistic score for weather reports, consumer tips or waiting loops.

  10. Downtown UBM 2413

    A green oasis in the middle of the noisy city offers the opportunity to relax and recharge. For wellness programs, podcasts and leisure time recreation.

  11. Clouds UBM 2267

    Electronic Track with synthesizer and spheres, electronics. Ideal for daily news and weather reports.

  12. Poolside ARTFCD114

    Sweet guitar licks and nostalgic harmonies with jazz hop percussion

  13. Cool and Clever UBM 2373

    Cool track with iconic organ, funky piano and bass as well as clicking electronics. Conveys tension, serenity and elegance.

  14. Coffee2Go UBM 2421

    Smart mid-tempo track featuring colorful synth pads and electronic drums. Elegant, danceable and with a catchy chorus bursting with positive energy.