Playlist image From September 1, 2022: increase in the minimum wage for nursing professions
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From September 1, 2022: increase in the minimum wage for nursing professions

From September 1, 2022, the statutory minimum wage for nursing care in Germany is to be increased in three steps by the end of 2023. Around 1.2 million employees work in facilities that fall under the minimum wage for care - the increase is intended to relieve them financially and give them better recognition for their expertise and important social role. Photo by Dominik Lange on Unsplash

Tracks (14)

  1. Clear Paths UBM 2432

    Warm, pulsating electronic percussion with subdued guitar accents. Modern, driving forward; perfect for magazines about social issues and urban society.

  2. Caring For The Elderly UBM 2454

    Well into the later stages of life, loving care and security are among our most primal human needs. Gentle piano sounds, paired with restrained cello.

  3. Turning Point UBM 2402

    For modern reports and podcats on social topics. Moods between neutral and subtly pressing.

  4. Change Is Today UBM 2382

    Dynamic track with marimba and strings. Ideal for reports on social change, population growth and social structures.

  5. Social Media Feed UBM 2434

    Lost in the dopamine rush of follows and likes: the daily fireworks in the reward center of our brains glue us to the various screens of our everyday lives.

  6. Missing And Indulgent UBM 2461

    Slight melancholy blows through the corridors. Restrained composition with piano and acoustic guitar arpeggios.

  7. Just In UBM 2351

    Neutral to warm atmosphere for programs on nature, energy, communication and social issues.

  8. Soothing My Soul HT0078

    Ambient trip hop with hope, the middle section has a more melancholy tone. Steady beat.

  9. The One And Only UBM 2436

    Initially neutral, then with subtly increasing intensity. Slightly melancholic to poignant. For sophisticated documentation on topics such as culture and city trips, biographies and social issues.

  10. Economic Affairs UBM 2319

    Sophisticated electronic bed for business news, reports on financial, corprorate and political issues. Not too dark.

  11. Minimalus No.5 UBM 2430

    Regularly and unobtrusively. A simple piano motif is surrounded by warm ambient pads.

  12. Summer Funkin' UBM 2457

    Versatile track with a neutral to positive mood. Percussive with trumpet and breakbeats, he gives lifestyle magazines and podcasts on social issues a warm touch. Sophisticated and urban with jazzy elements.

  13. Space Rendezvous UBM 2346

    Neutral soundbed for news, documentaries and developing stories.