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Open air

Catch the sun, enjoy the evening, meet friends and spend a relaxing time together; in short: Open Air! Due to the persistent temperatures and existing hygiene and distance rules, events take place in the open air at every free corner. Photo: Krisztina Papp (

Tracks (13)

  1. Open Air ARTFCD32

    Fresh and upbeat acoustic guitars and piano

  2. Emotions UBM 2287

    Light trance background with an uplifting melody.

  3. Vacation Tune UBM 2265

    Elated, positive, light. Guitar and Xylophone.

  4. Waltzing For Columbine UBM 2354

    Emotional, earthy, authentic. The right sound for documentaries and reports on nature, the environment, renewable energies and life outside the cities.

  5. Meet The Team UBM 2261

    Saxophone, guitar, drums and trumpets create a positive atmosphere. The plan worked.

  6. Smooth Fusion UBM 2376

    Relaxed electric guitar song with outdoor vibes. Perfect for quiet sports in nature.

  7. Abazali Bam SLAM002

    Quiet, peaceful, harmonious. This relaxed guitar track fits topics like family and nature.

  8. Fields Of Green UBM 2256

    Peaceful guitar melody that suits nature recordings of a rural region. For features on regional products and sustainability.

  9. Reggae Bass UBM 2280

    Optimistic bass track with a tropical, Jamaican feeling. Sunny, laid-back, authentic.

  10. Pretty Penny UBM 2332

    Sweet acoustic guitar is joined by cajon, bass and whistling as this sunny track goes on. Light-hearted, cute, warm.

  11. Sunset Surfing UBM 2284

    Positive track, suitable for images of holidays, beaches and sunsets. Easygoing and relaxed.