Playlist image Pandemic


An outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population.

Tracks (18)

  1. Killzone UBM 2237

    Forward-pressing strings with increasing intensity - like the soundtrack to an agent on the run…

  2. Heat News HT0099

    Driving promo with a steady beat, cool staccato strings and a heroic melody. Softer in the middle section.

  3. Ambient Hit UBM 2271

    Imminent danger! This ominous synthesizer track is suitable for science fiction, crime novels and thrillers.

  4. Analysis UBM 2381

    Unexcited composition that is suitable for all neutral and factual programs. Scientific analyzes, evaluations or nature documentary.

  5. Reception UBM 2346

    Repetitive and subtle theme for investigative content, criminal activities or dangerous scenarios.

  6. Virtual UBM 2289

    A nervous flowing electronica sequence with pads, perfect for driving scenes.

  7. Light Tunnel UBM 2169

    Hopeful Cello and harmonic string pads indicate a positive future

  8. Heavy Water UBM 2180

    scientific, fevered, powerful & fascinating

  9. Toxic World UBM 2222

    Ominous mid-tempo track with swirling synthesizers.

  10. Bits And Flowers UBM 2232

    Neutral sound with a slightly mysterious undertone. For technical content or articles on cybercrime.

  11. Invisible UBM 2110

    danger, monotonous rhythm, steel percussion, mystic pads, orchestral clusters

  12. Amoebas ACL212

    Repeating patterns evoke a view at life through a microscope

  13. Merging Toxins UBM 2223

    changing, lively, dangerous yet fascinating

  14. Doleful Drops UBM 2208

    Gloomy and pondering minimal track. Constant.

  15. Doubts UBM 2277

    Dangerous and driving sound. Sounds like a movie scene on an abandoned spaceship. Technical, futuristic, cool.

  16. Destiny 21 UBM 2122

    affecting, fatal, tragic

  17. New Horizons UBM 2152

    awaking animal instinct, sleeping beasts, the abyss