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Plant Content

Since Corona, the world of exotic houseplants has boomed. In many apartments are now countless green beauties that need to be cared for. If the plant seems sad, short guides from the TV or online videos from Plantfluencern help. Against aphids, thrips and co!

Tracks (17)

  1. Kids Quiz UBM 2444

    A varied track with elements of funk, afrobeat and jazz, with a catchy whistled melody in the middle part. Suited as e.g. the theme tune for a casual afternoon consumer magazine or a kid's quiz show.

  2. Exotic Event UBM 2254

    A cheerful track which evokes summerfeelings. Works for images about travel or imagefilms for luxurious holiday resorts.

  3. I Like You 2 UBM 2256

    Melodic and dynamic. Guitar and drums create an idyllic atmosphere. Well suited for a day at the lake or a bike tour.

  4. Herbal Tea UBM 2415

    A stressful day is coming to an end. The best way to switch off is with a cup of Ayurvedic herbal tea blend.

  5. Waiting In Line UBM 2455

    Good taste meets a dignified atmosphere. For topics such as interior design, luxurious lifestyle or the upscale real estate market.

  6. Chic Antiques UBM 2458

    Relaxed guitar, warm strings and funny whistling characterize this track. Holiday mood, a Sunday on the balcony or a stroll through the weekly market are all perfectly underscored.

  7. Andean Bus UBM 2457

    South American inspired sounds with flute, guitar and percussion. For travel reports, cooking shows and podcasts about sustainable tourism.

  8. Bicycles UBM 2464

    Slowly and exhausted, the detective goes in search of clues. The search is tiring, but new clues keep the suspense alive.

  9. Movin' And Clappin' UBM 2463

    The whole village has gathered for Thanksgiving dinner. Big Joe brushes the spare ribs with the old family recipe for barbecue sauce. After dinner, dance to the tunes of the local blues band.

  10. Happy People Walk UBM 2459

    Light-hearted, cheerful and slightly drowsy, this track offers the right vibes for relaxation and concentration.

  11. City At Dusk UBM 2449

    It's four in the morning. The city is asleep and only occasionally does a figure scurry through the otherwise deserted streets. Quiet, sleepy, peaceful.

  12. Feeling Good UBM 2399

    Carefree, happy instrumental with ukulele and handclaps. Great background music for tutorial videos, kids programs, DIY podcasts, and crowdfunding campaigns.

  13. Running In Circles UBM 2464

    The private detective is experienced and level-headed. He lies quietly on the lookout, ready at any moment to collect compromising evidence.

  14. New Therapies UBM 2454

    Thanks to new, advanced therapy options, many formerly frightening diseases have lost their horror today. Pizzicato strings and bell-like marimba hover over gentle guitar chords and a lively beat.

  15. IT Brand UBM 2360

    Perfect for info videos, commercials and viral campaigns for apps, software products or social networks. Positive, humane, optimistic.

  16. Radiant Day UBM 2448

    Sunday morning, the sun shines through the window, breakfast is ready and nothing can cloud this day.

  17. Life Without Tricks UBM 2450

    Friendly, flowing track for topics such as communication, design, product development, networking, fundraising, research and software.