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Podcasts have enjoyed increasing popularity for years. They provide information on all imaginable topics in an entertaining way. Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

Tracks (11)

  1. Good Times Mode UBM 2385

    This airy composition perfectly accompanies lifestyle magazines and health topics such as wellness or nutrition without being intrusive.

  2. Cool and Clever UBM 2373

    Cool track with iconic organ, funky piano and bass as well as clicking electronics. Conveys tension, serenity and elegance.

  3. Open Secrets UBM 2378

    Acoustic guitar samples meet fast hihats and a bass beat. Perfect for documentaries, podcasts and articles about youth culture, trend sports and street fashion.

  4. Let's Walk UBM 2368

    Cool and groovy! Positive, optimistic Feelgood-Jazz with authentic joie de vivre and enjoyment. Perfect for travel reports, cultural and art programs and late night broadcasts.

  5. Perfect Design UBM 2360

    Relaxed electronic track with 100 BPM. For corporate videos, consumer magazines and business topics. Neutral and appealing.

  6. A dream takes flight NT001

    This track is both airy and menacing. The calamity announces itself, time is running out, but most people are not yet aware of it.

  7. Spirit UBM 2351

    Lively marimba and longing strings create a serious atmosphere that matches films and documentaries about politics, society and the economy.

  8. Sunny Accordion UBM 2369

    Harmonious, idyllic, easy listening. Perfect for the early evening program.

  9. Professor Groove UBM 2377

    Funk music of the best kind: groovy, warm and cool. For cultural contributions and reviews.

  10. Space Rendezvous UBM 2346

    Neutral soundbed for news, documentaries and developing stories.