Playlist image October 23-25: PodFest Berlin

October 23-25: PodFest Berlin

The Berlin podcast community has grown tremendously in recent years. The new festival PodFest Berlin celebrates this development with a three-day program featuring seminars and live podcast recordings.

Tracks (17)

  1. Lunch with Newman UBM 2323

    Light, dynamic track featuring clarinets, mallets and piano. Busy, slightly jazzy and modern at the same time. Neutral to playful mood. Suitable for news, arts and culture programs.

  2. Speed It Up UBM 2385

    Dynamic, fresh and young. Ideal for political podcasts or innovative ideas.

  3. Infaltilis UBM 2326

    Imagination unleashed. Sound design meets groove.

  4. Kick Around The Corner UBM 2402

    Catchy electronic track for articles about design, work in the recording studio or relaxed after-hours lounging.

  5. Groove This UBM 2343

    Funky Fender Rhodes, brass stabs and accentuated drums characterize this blues track for groovy cats.

  6. Keep It Up UBM 2242

    Quirky organ, repetitive bass and latin percussion; quirky, kitschy, cool, easy listening.

  7. Sneaky Fox UBM 2432

    The detective has taken the lead and is gathering clues. Playful soundtrack with a retro touch, great for family TV, ironic commentary or flashbacks.

  8. Popular Science UBM 2396

    Guitar jingle that looks calm, yet curious.

  9. Absolutely 80s UBM 2394

    A happy retro track that will bring back the 80s. For TV and radio broadcasts with a strong vintage vibe.

  10. Funky Startup UBM 2400

    Funky guitar and accented strings characterize this lively track. It is suitable as a background for tutorial videos or for introducing new products and apps.

  11. Minimalus No.3 UBM 2430

    Fast, flowing minimal music for contributions to cultural topics or pioneering manufacturing processes.

  12. Distrustful Trust UBM 2401

    Ticking background music for crime novels, strategy games and true crime podcasts.

  13. Peace Plan UBM 2382

    Quiet, neutral, technical. Perfect for topics like data protection, transparent citizens and data security.

  14. Honfleur UBM 2410

    The perfect music for contemporary social issues such as slowing down, minimalist life and the sharing economy.

  15. Unexplored UBM 2238

    Optimistic track that expresses curiosity, openness and progress.

  16. Keep The Promise UBM 2173

    trustful, optimistic, warm

  17. Guitarworks UBM 2224

    Mysterious and questioning. Ambient electric guitars form layers of sound. No beat.