Playlist image Ukraine Conflict - Political tension
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Ukraine Conflict - Political tension

Europe and the world are watching Ukraine and Russia's next moves with bated breath.

Tracks (26)

  1. Approaching Threat UBM 2491

    In the early 21st century, humanity faces a multitude of new challenges, the crushing weight of which is straining social coexistence to the breaking point. Ticking, with a worrying undertone.

  2. Spring Rain UBM 2520

    With the onset of dew and heavy rain showers in spring, the small trickle turns into a raging stream as it makes its way into the valley. Urgent piano arpeggios, warm strings and ticking accents create a touching overall sound for nature documentaries and contributions about social upheavals.

  3. Walking Tension UBM 2352

    Ominous, threatening. This gritty track is suitable for crime movies and series.

  4. Perpetrators And Victims UBM 2452

    This unassuming electronica track is ideal for crime audiobooks or podcasts. It creates excitement without covering up verbal contributions.

  5. Lacrime Dell'Arco UBM 2470

    All goodbyes are difficult. Strings and piano of this track make them even more difficult. Emotional.

  6. Low Ticking UBM 2207

    Investigative mood, analytical and serious. Delayed electronics.

  7. Haunted Blues UBM 2447

    Harmonically focussed on a piano drone, this improvisation piece conjures up nervous unease. Slow and smouldering.

  8. Bias UBM 2278

    Neutral, electronic music, suitable for obscure business, financial markets, cryptocurrency and political calculations.

  9. Cyber War UBM 2472

    Somewhere on the premises of the container terminal, inside a nondescript steel sea freight container, lies hidden the source of a mysterious drop-in signal.

  10. Hazardous Substances UBM 2408

    Sinister machinations about economic advantages and money laundering can be ideally described with this track.

  11. Mixed Feelings UBM 2298

    An undulating, deep eeriness. Including electronica and industrial elements.

  12. Dubious Entanglements UBM 2297

    A building sense of anticipation and light tension.

  13. Wisdom UBM 2351

    Thoughtful, introverted, subtly dangerous. Dramatic events cast their shadows ...

  14. Connections UBM 2237

    Secret, careful, moving electronic track with a dark undertone. For political thrillers and sinister machinations.

  15. Tension Rising UBM 2302

    A driving, well-paced rising tension, with a build-up, that has a slightly positive feel to it.

  16. Marching Cellos UBM 2406

    The clues are increasing and quick action is required. Exciting sound for investigations, strategic war planning and secret machinations.

  17. K I UBM 2346

    Mid tempo electronic track that works for news magazines on politics and crime but also technology, science and robotics.

  18. Pure Hatred UBM 2266

    Hateful; gloomy; dangerous. Ideal for images of war and destruction.

  19. Secret Mission UBM 2296

    A busy and fast yet subtle underscore that creates tension and curiosity.

  20. Bad Dreams UBM 2306

    Tonight is an endless night. Restlessness in the air, hard to fall asleep. Unsteady percussion elements create nervousness.

  21. Chinook ARTFCD62

    Throbbing bass forces

  22. It's Fact UBM 2238

    Serious, slightly dark track with subtly increasing intensity.

  23. Sitting Out The Issues UBM 2249

    Disturbing electronic track ideally suited to psychological thrillers. Unpredictable, creepy, menacing.

  24. Waiting Points UBM 2432

    Abstract, unusual and yet versatile, for example for content on artificial intelligence, art and architecture or design.