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As the holidays approach, many get into a mode that is anything but contemplative: year-end closings at work, family party preparations, and crowded stores where we are frantically trying to grab the right gifts.

Tracks (22)

  1. Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann UBM 2366

    Instrumental version of the famous German Christmas carol. It is based on the melody of a French folk song. The text was written by Hoffmann von Fallersleben in 1835.

  2. Busy Racoon UBM 2438

    Pizzicato strings and warm reed instruments create an atmosphere of tense curiosity. What is behind the door of the Advent calendar? Where does the bird family build its nest? Where does the trout travel?

  3. Santa's Grotto ARTFCD38

    upbeat festive fun with sleigh bells and tubular bells

  4. Cinema Nostalgia UBM 2458

    The good old days... This nostalgic composition is reminiscent of hits from the 40s and 50s. For historical documentation, biographical portraits and images of antique furnishings.

  5. Fast And Fuzzy UBM 2272

    A fast, busy track that perfectly captures the hustle and bustle of modern cities.

  6. Ebb and Flow UBM 2392

    Discreet track with guitar, percussion and keyboard. It is neutral and friendly for advertising or weather reports.

  7. Smooth Royals UBM 2522

    The dark season is upon us and many people are finding it increasingly difficult to get out of bed in the morning and make their way to work. For service programmes about everyday stresses and strains.

  8. Workation UBM 2526

    Write emails at the pool, analyze balance sheets at the airport? The blurring of the boundaries between work and leisure is problematic for some - and the ultimate expression of freedom for others. This fresh track with slightly funky guitar sounds light and carefree.

  9. Prepared Mess UBM 2447

    Syncopated piece for partially prepared piano over a steady rhythmic motif which slightly ironically suggests the restlessness of a bumpy journey.

  10. Arrival Of The Snow Queen UBM 2462

    Fantasy films, big screen cinema and film adaptations of literary classics benefit from this intricately arranged neoclassical piece for string instruments.

  11. Metropolitan Hearts UBM 2516

    A catchy electric guitar theme is quickly joined by a gentle hip-hop beat and airy synths. Great for getting-to-know-you scenes in a modern setting between an open-plan office, chilling together on the couch and relaxed leisure activities.

  12. Cool and shiny TWPM 066

    Positive electronic music fused with uplifting, easy-to-remember piano melody. This track surely creates an uplifting and optimistic atmosphere for your advertisement.

  13. Regionalexpress UBM 2507

    Travelling easily and stress-free to local recreational destinations throughout Germany by regional express? An infrastructural dream that finally came true for significantly more German citizens in the summer of 2023, thanks to the 49-euro ticket. Puffing beat at a leisurely pace.

  14. Funky Time UBM 2436

    Funky-jazzy track that exudes joie de vivre and curiosity. Cool, clever, smart.

  15. Jingle Bell Rock UBM 2212

    Popular US American Christmas song that was first released in 1957.

  16. Bad Boys ARTFCD06

    Anxious drum 'n' bass

  17. Move The Groove UBM 2146

    This atmospheric track is somewhat dark yet floating easily due to the piano.

  18. Modern Classics UBM 2385

    This classic piano piece fits perfectly with podcasts about sustainable living, healthy cuisine, mindfulness and yoga.

  19. Pushy Bass UBM 2265

    Fast, urgent, positive. Ideal for advertisement and fairs. Bass.

  20. Inception UBM 2430

    Study for piano and synthesizer influenced by minimal music. After about 1 minute it becomes electronica with a driving 4/4 bass drum.

  21. Forward UBM 2432

    Neutral to optimistic score for weather reports, consumer tips or waiting loops.