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Quiz Shows

Quiz shows have been one of the most popular formats for decades, especially on television. Over time, a large variety of formats has developed, which differ greatly in terms of regulations, questions and the amount of prizes. So-called call-in sweepstakes are not only part of typical quiz shows, but are also part of the side program of many other programs.

Tracks (16)

  1. Risky Game UBM 2408

    The candidate ponders, the tension rises. Will he choose the correct answer?

  2. Cool and Clever UBM 2373

    Cool track with iconic organ, funky piano and bass as well as clicking electronics. Conveys tension, serenity and elegance.

  3. Special Agent UBM 2153

    break beats with impacting brass stabs combined with horn melody and big military drums

  4. Choosing Marks UBM 2261

    The track starts quietly with a funky bass line but is gaining momentum. For crazy coups, smart criminals and cat-and-mouse games.

  5. Alternative Facts UBM 2401

    Mysterious and waiting. For investigative formats, undercover investigations and mysterious events.

  6. Untouchable ARTFCD109

    Wah wah guitar and clarvinet give a retro feel to this upbeat groove

  7. Alluring Tension HT0412

    Building suspenseful music score. Starts with percussive elements, eerie pads and a pumping synth bass, then dramatic staccato strings enter. After a short breakdown violin melodies enter and lead to an epic action climax. Followed by a short softer conclusion.

  8. First Run UBM 2132

    Big beats plus orchestra, chasing stabs and breaks

  9. Walking Tension UBM 2352

    Ominous, threatening. This gritty track is suitable for crime movies and series.

  10. Time Perception UBM 2274

    Tense clock ticking and a gloomy soundbed make for a nerve-wracking track.


    Serious, urgent and important, the track is particularly suitable for breaking news and warnings.

  12. Ticker Drone ARTFCD104

    Tense drone with tense ticking

  13. Steady Groove UBM 2357

    Motown and Detroit inspired track. Funky, cool, laid-back.

  14. The Game UBM 2302

    Orchestral light tension and excitement with a great percussive underlay.

  15. Marauder UBM 2295

    Defined rhythm and orchestral fills will make you the center of action.