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New year resolution

Doing more sports, more time for the family or abstinence, many people make resolutions for a new year that are supposed to do them good - and quite a few break them as early as January. Music for productions about resolutions of all kinds.

Tracks (14)

  1. The Good Vibrations UBM 2343

    Cheerful, good-tempered big band tune. Great for late night TV, talkshows, team sports and entertainment.

  2. Flying Dreams UBM 2276

    This airy, lively melody evokes memories of flower meadows and buzzing insects. Harmonious balance.

  3. Flea Market Sherlock UBM 2458

    Detective flair meets retro charm here. Jazzy vibes for cult detective stories, cartoon sheriffs and gangster comedies.

  4. High Quality Of Life UBM 2454

    Sunset years? Au contraire! A warm and cosy, sunny late afternoon wants to be enjoyed. Active and uplifting yet relaxed.

  5. Kick and Soul UBM 2459

    Casual and serene, this track radiates superior coolness. Bang on as an underscore for classy product presentations, as well as for lit skate vids.

  6. Summer Funkin' UBM 2457

    Versatile track with a neutral to positive mood. Percussive with trumpet and breakbeats, he gives lifestyle magazines and podcasts on social issues a warm touch. Sophisticated and urban with jazzy elements.

  7. Frisbee UBM 2467

    Jazzy easy listening track for daytime TV. Suitable for consumer tips, tutorials and everyday topics such as pets and home improvement.

  8. Funky Fitness UBM 2468

    Whether it's a fitness course or a workout at home with the online tutorial: if you exercise regularly, you'll stay fit and healthy for longer! This motivating pop track with funky e-guitar, bass and drums will get any couch potato moving.

  9. A Million Freeways UBM 2474

    Electronic music culture and the feeling of unlimited freedom through automobility - this is also what Rhine metropolises like Düsseldorf and Cologne stand for. This electronic track is the perfect companion for late-night drives on the freeway or partying at the after-work club.

  10. Busy day TWPM 004

    Easy-going drum & bass bed with funky guitar riffs and high synths melody.

  11. Dying Battery UBM 2471

    The brass band makes music through the village, but the path gets longer and longer. At the end of the parade, the whole town meets in the village inn to gather new energy with beer and dancing.

  12. Alone Like The Moon TWPM 045

    Meditative acoustic track with a hint of melancholy and guitar arpeggios featuring catchy melody on ethnic instrument.