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Road Trip

In summer, nothing beats free time and good company, with which you just get in the car and then drive off. Preferably without a destination. The soundtrack to the road trip in our new tracklist. Photo: anja. /

Tracks (15)

  1. Fall From Grace UBM 2354

    Driving guitar figure, piano and percussion convey energy and confidence. Increasing energy for an uplifting effect.

  2. Roadtrip UBM 2246

    Warm folk instrumental with lapsteel guitar, brushed snare drum and dynamic bass. Energetic, good-humored and sun-filled.

  3. Sheep Shearer Contest TWPM 043

    Hungarian folk influenced quirky super happy oom-pah rock featuring Russian balalaika

  4. Feeling Free ARTFCD52

    Upbeat bass and piano

  5. Japanese Flute UBM 2316

    Meditative reflection of Japanese culture and identity with strings, flute and drums.

  6. Southbound UBM 2338

    Mellow acoustic blues duet. For images of outdoor activities, road trips and an evening by the campfire.

  7. Waves UBM 2313

    Flowing, forward-moving acoustic guitars with bluesy bass guitar. Short version 1: building up, exploring; Short Version 2: pushing forward, driving; Short Version 3: flowing, with bass guitar solo.

  8. Paragliding UBM 2376

    Pop rock that sounds like freedom and a thirst for adventure. Medium speed, acoustic guitar accompaniment and rocking drums. For pictures of outdoor sports, camping and traveling on your own.

  9. Fields Of Green UBM 2256

    Peaceful guitar melody that suits nature recordings of a rural region. For features on regional products and sustainability.

  10. Good Trip UBM 2455

    Lively guitar pop for the whole family. Sounds like a bike tour, a picnic trip or a road trip with friends.

  11. Still Got My Blues UBM 2343

    If wild bluesy guitar solos and a groovy rhythm section are your thing, this track will be right up your alley.

  12. Seattle UBM 2246

    Mid-tempo rock instrumental that knows its bluesy roots. Down to earth, authentic, mellow. Full band sound with drums, guitar and bass.

  13. Goin Home UBM 2299

    Classic country & blues track with deep vocals, warm lyrics and a dark mood. Instrumental version available.

  14. Salt And Pepper UBM 2458

    Energetic Tex-Mex for whiskey-soaked images of cars, freedom and rugged landscapes. Rock'n'Roll!