Playlist image March 5th: 150th birthday of Rosa Luxemburg

March 5th: 150th birthday of Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg was a Polish-Russian representative of the European labor movement, Marxism, anti-militarism and proletarian internationalism. She was born as Rozalia Luxenburg on March 5, 1871 in Zamość, Congress Poland, and was murdered in Berlin on January 15, 1919. Photo: ArTono (Shutterstock)

Tracks (14)

  1. Short Winter UBM 2285

    A light, yet strong, flowing, passionate piece. Instrumented with beautiful piano and cello segments. Very well suited for historical and artistic topics, history documentaries and radio programs about the beginning of the 20th century.

  2. Sometimes UBM 2342

    Like a movie itself, this thoughtful mid-tempo piece for piano and strings takes the listener on a voyage through time, memory and emotional ups and downs.

  3. Frelon UBM 2353

    Deep, enthralling and suspenseful, with a little noir.

  4. Choral UBM 2351

    Sophisticated soundbed with piano, marimba and subtly pulsating bass. Great for documentaries and magazine contributions on history, art and science.

  5. A Sign Of Humanity Ii UBM 2226

    Gloomy, somewhat artificial beginning becomes more hopeful as strings set in.

  6. War UBM 2252

    Sad, melancholic themes change to dynamic themes which remind of marching, armed and dangerous troops.

  7. Destiny No.2 UBM 2262

    Sad and melancholic track that starts with calm strings. Perfect for dramas and tragedies.

  8. Lest We Forget UBM 2236

    Neo-classical piece with strings, flutes and acoustic guitar for cultural features and sophisticated documentaries.

  9. Letter From Mom II UBM 2260

    This piano composition sounds sad, painful and tragic and is accompanied by strings. For pictures about the post-war period and features about dealing with trauma.

  10. Lights UBM 2356

    Thought provoking and melancholic with a good tempo, and soulful violin.

  11. Waltz From The Past UBM 2380

    Melancholy piano waltz. Excellent for longing love films and family sagas.

  12. Approaching Fate UBM 2390

    Minimalist neo-classical composition. Open, questioning. For sophisticated documentaries, true crime podcasts and social topics.

  13. Curious Mind UBM 2405

    Curious, fresh, alert. Positive track for biographical features or nature shots.

  14. Full Of Memories UBM 2383

    This neoclassical piano piece accompanied by the cello invites you to remember and ponder. Ideal for retrospectives, historical contributions and eyewitness reports.