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Royals & Monarchy

The plans of the British prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle to withdraw from the royal family's obligations and to live financially independently in the future are currently causing excitement not only in the rainbow press.

Tracks (16)

  1. Birthday UBM 2336

    Festive slow composition for royal subjects, weddings and occasions that call for an elegant, aristocratic mood.

  2. Bouquet UBM 2353

    A lightly driving, bouncy staccato composition with suspenseful undertones.

  3. Träumerei UBM 2320

    Thoughtful, noble, sentimental piano theme with progressing brushed jazz drums; light synthesizer sounds; guitar

  4. Life And Time UBM 2230

    There's magic in the air. For fairy tales, children's programs or nature documentaries.

  5. Courtly Love UBM 2371

    Modest, medieval track for high court culture and festive church events like a wedding.

  6. Beyond Heaven UBM 2362

    Delicate neo-impressionistic composition for piano and orchestra. Strange, dreamy, airy. For art and cultural programs, historical themes, portraits and sophisticated TV drama.

  7. Honor UBM 2333

    Harmonic and serene, this piano composition melodizes elegance and gracefulness.

  8. Highland Rose UBM 2367

    An atmospheric flowing intro from piano that leads into the highland pipes and flutes to take you on an inspirational voyage through the wild beauty of scotland.

  9. Strings United UBM 2265

    Happy feel-good tune; ideal for positive images and advertisement. Strings.

  10. Divine Service UBM 2244

    Solemn lead cello over string accompaniment inspired by the baroque classics. Ceremonial, tasteful and moving.

  11. Harp Remorse ARTFCD31

    Simple and emotional harp

  12. Castles UBM 2286

    An atmospheric airy traditional, mid tempo composition for traditional celtic vista´s.

  13. Elephant Waltz UBM 2336

    Short playful waltz. Slightly nostalgic, sweet and romantic.

  14. Regenstein UBM 2126

    Resounding bugles – a knight and his entourage cross the forest on their way to the Königstein fortress.

  15. A Tuscan Pastorale HT0401

    Lyrical Italian waltz for orchestra with mandolin.

  16. Mauchline UBM 2359

    Happy, Scottish-sounding theme with acoustic guitar and violin. For travelogues, historical documentaries and advertising with folkloric flair.