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Energy Conservation

In view of the current energy crisis, how private households, companies, and public institutions can save electricity and gas costs is a constant topic in the media. Photo: Appolinary Kalashnikova (

Tracks (21)

  1. Earth Day UBM 2460

    Year after year, thousands of environmentalists fight the death of amphibians on our roads: Trap fences are erected, frogs and toads are carried across the dangerous road and replacement spawning grounds are created for the amphibians eager to spawn. Empathetic and reflective.

  2. Side Stories UBM 2265

    Neutral track that covers anything from the daily news to an image film about eco-friendly energy generation.

  3. Soil Pollution TWPM 036

    Minimal somber piano chords begin the track, which builds to an eerie tension with a delicate string section.

  4. Consumer Information UBM 2432

    Serious, exciting, investigative. Ideal track for breaking news and thrilling reports.

  5. Conscience Awakening UBM 2449

    This track sounds modern, urban and exhausted. Suitable for reports on the danger of bournout in big cities.

  6. Next November UBM 2360

    Neutral to positive background at medium speed (110 BPM). Increasing intensity. Possible topics: communication, media, society.

  7. Last Train Home UBM 2434

    Prices for fuel are rising immeasurably and it's more worthwhile than ever for people and the environment to switch to rail. It's time to finally expand the in many ways inadequate infrastructure to meet the demand.

  8. Cloud Commuting UBM 2429

    Airy and neutral to positive. Perfect for reports related to telecommunications and design, but also suitable for business news and weather.

  9. Clockwise UBM 2154

    Investigative, focused, airy. For neutral reports such as weather or traffic.

  10. Customized Solution UBM 2454

    Smart underscore track with a slight minimal musical feel during the first half. Later picks up groove. For making complex contexts comprehensible.

  11. Rising Challenge UBM 2276

    Motivating, lively track with marimba, violin, cello, flute, clarinet and bass. Ideal for positive topics such as growth, innovative ideas and start-up culture.

  12. All In One App UBM 2400

    Lively marimba composition for advertising, image films and campaigns on topics such as renewable energies and innovative engineering.

  13. Smart Workflow UBM 2268

    Modern, dynamic and smart. For start-ups and innovative inventions.

  14. High Voltage Line UBM 2348

    Determined and confident. Time is ticking away…

  15. Volatile Market Dynamics UBM 2442

    Cascading synth bass arpeggios and a striking brass theme. Suited for financial and econonomical topics as well as socio-politcal features.

  16. Biofuel UBM 2184

    Abstract, electronic piece that sounds serious and scientific. A hopeful outlook for the future of renewable energies.

  17. Crowdfunding UBM 2392

    Electronic track for innovative and fresh ideas. Suitable for advertising for start-ups, telecommunication providers or technologies.

  18. Marimba Strings UBM 2270

    Curious, optimistic, driving. Perfect for reporting on social, societal and cultural changes.

  19. Generics Laboratory UBM 2223

    contemplative, investigative, reflective yet strong

  20. Pushy Piano UBM 2275

    This track dances lightly between lively, expectant piano chords and a warm cello melody. Suitable for hopeful preparations and optimistic departures.

  21. Tranquility UBM 2138

    Peaceful guitar picking, light summer melodies