Playlist image National Saxophone Day - 11/6
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National Saxophone Day - 11/6

November 6 is International Saxophone Day. On the birthday of the Belgian inventor Adolphe Sax (1814 - 1894), the instrument is honored with many concerts and our matching tracklist! You can find suitable music for your report here. Photo: Jens Thekkeveettil /

Tracks (16)

  1. Hot Nights In Tallinn UBM 2331

    Irrestistable fusion of traditional Baltic elements and modern dance/ pop music. Get the party started with accordion, brass and a fun beat.

  2. Cooking Show UBM 2386

    Radio guitar and brass provide a positive, joyful sound. The advertising break ends and the show continues.

  3. Wonderful Saxophon UBM 2328

    Sensual saxophone melody, accompanied by piano, shaker and subtle drums. Perfect for images of longing, romance and passion.

  4. Mongolia UBM 2146

    Asian drums and gongs with Hammond organ and tenor saxophone create a mysterious vibe.

  5. Cafe Mind and Soul SLAM003

    Jazz piece of saxophone that exudes passion and erotic.

  6. Jazzilla UBM 2444

    A relaxed jazz pop number with a characteristic, quite stately pentatonic saxophone theme, in this respect mildly reminiscent of Asian music. Middle part featuring an upbeat, jazzy guitar solo; in the verses more restrained, over a major seven chord progression that invites to dream.

  7. Hold Me UBM 2106

    Sunshine saxophone theme.

  8. Jungle Whisper UBM 2235

    Sneaky, warm, mysterious - saxophone and simple drums with a jazzy touch.

  9. Fusionistic ARTFCD39

    Saxophone led fusion quartet

  10. Night Fall ARTFCD52

    Funky riff with sax solo

  11. Dimensions Of ARTFCD41

    Sultry sax with surreal twist

  12. Hustle ARTFCD27

    Cool sax, piano and edgy drums

  13. Changes UBM 2108

    Smooth jazz fusion featuring sax theme.

  14. The Seventies UBM 2357

    Cool retro track with urban flair. Synthesizer, saxophone and funky guitar combined with a grooving beat.

  15. Dirty Times UBM 2343

    Luscious big band blues. Groovy, energizing, classy.