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Science Influencer

They explain complex scientific content in an understandable and entertaining way: Science influencers are the new stars on social media. Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on

Tracks (15)

  1. Electronic Hit UBM 2352

    Grooving vintage track with shimmering keyboards. Reminiscent of the 1980s and early synthesizer experiments.

  2. Fungi UBM 2341

    The artist sets up his workplace and selects his pallet to work with.

  3. The Scientist UBM 2411

    Serious track with lots of little details. For podcasts, tutorials and YouTube reports on media and technology.

  4. Speed It Up UBM 2385

    Dynamic, fresh and young. Ideal for political podcasts or innovative ideas.

  5. Data Highway UBM 2394

    Warm synthesizers, flutes and flowing arpeggios determine this retro track for sophisticated TV, documentaries and podcasts.

  6. Moon Gem UBM 2402

    A wonderfully light track with a subtle retro charm. Great for programs on art, design, comics and modern sustainable living.

  7. Meditari UBM 2326

    Mr. Strange goes for a walk. Electronic beat with tasteful licks.

  8. Analysis UBM 2381

    Unexcited composition that is suitable for all neutral and factual programs. Scientific analyzes, evaluations or nature documentary.

  9. Data Connected UBM 2400

    Fast track for digital life and network-based communication.

  10. Mansplaining UBM 2401

    The lines glow, the private detective sets off to investigate. Clicking old-school soundscape for images of rush, secrecy and data transmission.

  11. Glitter Galaxy UBM 2414

    Airy, playful track with a neutral mood. Urban, chilled.

  12. Personal ID UBM 2360

    Neutral score for images of innovation, product development, manufacturing, and design.

  13. Photon Future UBM 2348

    Percussive echoes and an energetic synth sequencer. Atmospheric, futuristic, urban sound.

  14. Automagic UBM 2334

    An electrifying synth-pop anthem that catapults you back into an 80s discothèque.

  15. Agreement UBM 2257

    The lengthy negotiation process has been completed and an agreement has been reached. Positive, willing to compromise and collaborative.