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Scripted Reality

Scripted Reality, Script Documentation, Pseudo Documentation or Pseudo Documentation Soap is a genre of reality TV in which the documentation of real events is simulated. The scenes are played by actors (mostly amateur actors) according to directional instructions (script). Photo: Jon Tyson (

Tracks (13)

  1. Data Detective UBM 2401

    Subtle, slightly ironic. For demanding television series about undercover investigations and bizarre events.

  2. Take It Easy UBM 2231

    Playful and curious, ideal for children's TV and daytime programs.

  3. Sundown On The Beach UBM 2357

    Chilled track that takes you back to the 70s and early 80s. Unwind at the marina with a glass of white wine and the hotel band playing in the background...

  4. Ordinary Life UBM 2354

    Warm folk-pop ballad for scenes that radiate humanity and joie de vivre. Lively, motivating, bringing joy.

  5. Flowing Chart UBM 2348

    Neutral pleasant mood. This medium tempo track is the perfect modern underscore for tech contexts, informative magazines and daytime tv.

  6. Impellent Stuff UBM 2253

    Curious, lively, bright. Suitable for children's programs such as quiz shows and knowledge programs.

  7. Passion UBM 2351

    Thoughtful, lost in thought. For historical shots and images that need a serious, slightly dramatic soundtrack.

  8. Carefree Insurance UBM 2396

    This sound conveys an uncomplicated handling of problems. Suitable for insurance companies or consulting firms.

  9. United World Of Dance UBM 2146

    Vigorous percussions are joined by a Hammond organ to create a track perfect for travel magazines and the outdoors.

  10. Rock Blocks UBM 2314

    A rigid guitar riff, percussive elements and floating synthesizers create an atnosphere of tense awaiting and slowly building pressure.

  11. Suspiciousness UBM 2336

    Enigmatic mood. Serious and moving, this track works well for the big screen and sophisticated serial drama.

  12. Sunny Days UBM 2338

    Warm acoustic guitar composition with dreamy melody. For images of family, leisure and beautiful sunny mornings.