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Vintage & Second Hand Fashion

Whether for reasons of sustainability, a desire for unique fashion, or the desire to save money: second-hand clothing is booming. One in three fashion consumers is already buying second-hand, whether on relevant online platforms, at flea markets, or in second-hand shops. Photo: Shanna Camilleri/ Unsplash

Tracks (20)

  1. Coffee Table Boogaloo UBM 2458

    The stands are set up at the flea market, dealers and buyers look forward to exciting negotiations. This cheerful rock 'n' roll matches the happy anticipation.

  2. Chilled Czardas TWPM 043

    Laid-back reggae cover of the well-known Monti Czardas featuring surf guitar lead.

  3. Tiger Striped UBM 2497

    Bright guitar chords with lots of tremolo, tirelessly driving drums and earthy e-organ characterize this great rock track with psychedelic touches. Trippy!

  4. Chiemsee Pirates UBM 2499

    Set sail and out to sea! This warm, imaginative track with an alpine twist creates a magical vibe. Not only, but also, for children's programs, daytime TV or characterful portraits of mainstream society.

  5. Funk Junction ARTFCD127

    Catwalk vibes with chorused keys and bright bass riff.

  6. Club Du Swing UBM 2483

    High society meets in Saint-Tropez for an aperitif. Tasteful easy listening bubbles out of the speakers quietly while the sun sinks into the Mediterranean Sea.

  7. Surfing The World ARTFCD116

    Thoughtful but positive jazz flavoured

  8. Rust TWPM 061

    Pleasantly pulsating track with an atmospheric sound of catchy driving acoustic guitar chord groove and cello.

  9. Light & Easy UBM 2357

    Soft, elegant discosound for retro content.

  10. Boys Behaving Badly UBM 2242

    Vibraphone, trumpet and jazzy drums create a vintage sound. Upbeat, sneaky, classy like a 70s spy film.

  11. Mad Cat Strut UBM 2486

    Ironic vintage sound for heist movies or quirky detective duos. With surf attitude and swing.

  12. Brighter Times UBM 2481

    Weekend at last! Attractive singles get to know each other better during a Saturday outing on the countryside. Upbeat and hungry for life.

  13. Muddy Riff TWPM 052

    70s influenced southern blues rock with shuffle groove, and super cool guitar riff.

  14. 5 Minute Crafts UBM 2476

    Playful and fun, this track is ideal for slap stick scenes or cutely animated DIY videos.

  15. Garden View UBM 2512

    Lively jazz improvisation in F major on the alto saxophone. Great for arts and culture shows. 136 BPM.

  16. Planting New Seeds UBM 2484

    Even the smallest balcony offers space for growing herbs, vegetables or flowers. In the big city, too, there is a trend towards self-cultivation. Relaxed track for daytime TV or gardening tutorials.

  17. Southern Barbeque UBM 2492

    Pure southern flair! Articles about the Mississippi Delta, the Cajun cuisine rich in fish or adventurous journeys in the swamps of Louisiana are perfectly accompanied by this cozy track. Western guitar with blues attitude and a relaxed shuffle ensure the right musical ambience.

  18. New York's Finest UBM 2423

    Old school hip hop with strings and vocals. Urban, relaxed, cool.

  19. Neo Soul UBM 2494

    Jazzy guitar cascades open this laid-back track. Great for content that exudes a touch of luxury. Calm, relaxed, cool.

  20. Rhodes To Nowhere ARTFCD31

    Funky upbeat jazzy Rhodes piano