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Sharing Economy

Sharing economy refers to companies, platforms and communities that enable shared use of completely or partially unused resources. The terms collaborative consumption and collaborative economy are also used in English-speaking countries. Features of this practice are collaborative consumption, collaborative production, collaborative finance, open and freely accessible knowledge, and horizontal and open administrative structures.

Tracks (15)

  1. Living In A Synthetic World UBM 2179

    technical yet positive; futuristic

  2. Team Action UBM 2426

    Motivational, inspiring music for images of groups gathering, getting to work and making a difference. Also great for image films, start-up culture, campaign ads and tutorials.

  3. Cloud Commuting UBM 2429

    Airy and neutral to positive. Perfect for reports related to telecommunications and design, but also suitable for business news and weather.

  4. Emotional Threshold UBM 2402

    Warm, flowing electronica for modern, tech-savvy content. Radiates youth, dynamism and warmth.

  5. Minimalus No.3 UBM 2430

    Fast, flowing minimal music for contributions to cultural topics or pioneering manufacturing processes.

  6. Big Surprise UBM 2263

    Emotional pop song for drama series in the evening program.

  7. Feeling Good UBM 2399

    Carefree, happy instrumental with ukulele and handclaps. Great background music for tutorial videos, kids programs, DIY podcasts, and crowdfunding campaigns.

  8. Morning Sun UBM 2234

    Acoustic guitar meets electronics, saxophone and a steady bass drum. Light, breezy, modern, laid-back. For images of travel, lifestyle, urban life and glamour.

  9. Get Motivated UBM 2419

    Dynamic modern folk rock in a cool cinematic sound with brass and strings.

  10. Startup Spirit UBM 2400

    Modern, slightly thoughtful but optimistic backround track for consumer magazines and crowdfunding campaigns.

  11. A Place To Be UBM 2421

    Pleasant guitar track with a homely feeling, suitable for depictions of families, children or friendships.

  12. Poolside UBM 2420

    Fast-paced and energetic. For videos of summer parties but also fitness and endurance sports.

  13. Robotic Circuit UBM 2394

    Neutral electronic music for features about digital communication, social media and technological innovations. Lively, warm, curious.

  14. Step By Step UBM 2224

    Playful, straightforward and modern; ideal for science, technology, new media, advertising, and family friendly programs.