Playlist image May 9th: 100th birthday of the German resistance fighter Sophie Scholl

May 9th: 100th birthday of the German resistance fighter Sophie Scholl

Sophia Magdalena "Sophie" Scholl was a German student and resistance fighter against National Socialism. Because of her involvement in the "Weiße Rose" resistance group, she and her brother Hans Scholl were sentenced to death by National Socialist judges on February 22, 1943 and executed on the same day. Photo: Thea Hdc (

Tracks (15)

  1. Rebellion UBM 2387

    Imposing, fast, dramatic. This piece is ideal for topics such as resistance, rebellion and epic finals in gaming. Strings and choir.

  2. Social Change UBM 2382

    Dramatic strings, marimba and piano create a threatening mood that suggests social resentment, delicate affairs or an economic collapse.

  3. Good Bye UBM 2356

    Slightly sad, yet happiness is also portrayed with this piece.

  4. White House UBM 2237

    Piano and subtle clicking, strings and drums combine. Urgent, hectic, under pressure.

  5. The Last Review UBM 2367

    A piece for contemplation, of far rolling hills or landscapes to let you mind wander and flow with nature.

  6. Moments UBM 2318

    Melancholic guitar with floating sequence and piano.

  7. Together Again UBM 2248

    This hopeful and optimistic piano composition works for all things positive and graceful: weddings, fond memories and wonders of nature.

  8. Reverse Strings UBM 2270

    Slower track for investigative scenes with a bit of tension. Strings; piano; synthesizer; percussion.

  9. Civil Rights UBM 2361

    Desperate fight for civil rights. A pulsating bass, ticking clocks, piano and spheric sounds are supported by orchestral instruments.

  10. Walking The Road UBM 2333

    This pop-infused piano ballad is great for emotional moments, images of family, nature and time passing by.

  11. Melancholia UBM 2362

    Pensive, not too dark composition for strings and piano. Dynamic, on the move, cautiously optimistic, dreamy.

  12. Preparing For Distress UBM 2161

    dangerous, percussive, criminal

  13. Choral UBM 2351

    Sophisticated soundbed with piano, marimba and subtly pulsating bass. Great for documentaries and magazine contributions on history, art and science.

  14. Glass House UBM 2323

    Effective and sophisticated theme with marimba and piano. Great as an introduction to modern TV and streaming productions on economic, political and social topics.

  15. Beast UBM 2345

    Dark, ominous horror drone.