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Mild temperatures and many hours of sunshine ensure endorphins and spring fever. Photo: mvp (

Tracks (20)

  1. Morning Person UBM 2399

    Timid composition for piano, acoustic guitar and woodwind. Wonderful morning mood for pictures of untouched nature and calm landscape.

  2. Sechser UBM 2320

    Peaceful, dreamy solo piano piece in prancing 6/8 timing. Pure, innocent, loving.

  3. May Flowers UBM 2332

    Country/ folk song with an authentic, uplifting feeling. Positive, hopeful and rejoicing.

  4. Dawning UBM 2336

    Poignant orchestral mood for moving images of nature awakening. Piano, etheral choir and orchestra.

  5. A Beginning UBM 2383

    Calm, flowing piano composition with marimba, reminiscent of untouched nature and forests. Ideal for documentaries about animals and the environment.

  6. Waltzing Danny UBM 2275

    The lovers have finally confessed their feelings. For a romantic happy ending.

  7. Secret Places UBM 2333

    Hesitant and careful; trying to keep nature and sacred places intact.

  8. Let's Go UBM 2276

    Positive, groovy organ track that surprises in between with an almost cheesy guitar melody.

  9. A Place To Be UBM 2284

    Pleasant guitar track with a homely feeling, suitable for depictions of families, children or friendships.

  10. Printemps à Paris UBM 2369

    Spring in Paris is the theme of this lively track. Accordion, guitar, drum brushes.

  11. Busy Talking UBM 2239

    Approachable, busy, energetic. Solo piano.

  12. 330 Dritter Satz UBM 2293

    The serene third movement of Piano Sonata No. 10 in C major KV 330 (300h) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Here played beautifully tender on the harp.

  13. Spring Signs ARTFCD38

    Building string anticipation

  14. Leaving the Nest UBM 2308

    Wonderous, slow orchestral tune expressing hope and new beginnings. For images of awaking nature, fare-well and quiet movement.

  15. Another Day UBM 2317

    Full of hope and a positive attitude. Bright and warm like the first ray of sun.

  16. Reflections UBM 2356

    Thoughtful, reflective moods flow with this track.

  17. Lovely Kids UBM 2365

    Leisurely strings combined with lively sound effects create a positive, but also thoughtful and reminiscent mood. Suitable for children's quiz programs, children's and youth films as well as throwbacks of happy family events.

  18. Another Day UBM 2318

    Reflective rock ballad with beautiful electric guitar, warm drums, strings and piano, Love.

  19. Family Trip UBM 2412

    Music for a mild summer evening. Romantic, passionate, authentic.