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Stock Market

The stock exchange is a market for standardized trading objects organized according to certain rules.

Tracks (14)

  1. Computer Update UBM 2396

    The sound is serious and technically suitable for topics such as data transmission or neutral reports about the weather or the stock market.

  2. Chart Analysis UBM 2400

    Fast-paced and modern. Conveys energy, growth and social change.

  3. Virtual Paradise UBM 2232

    Clear, reduced, neutral. Ideal for news, reports or stock market reports.

  4. Finanzkrise UBM 2218

    Dramatic, urban, urgent - for business reports and politics.

  5. Data Highway UBM 2394

    Warm synthesizers, flutes and flowing arpeggios determine this retro track for sophisticated TV, documentaries and podcasts.

  6. After The Game UBM 2413

    Positive track with keyboard and claps, which ensures relaxation and calmness. For neutral features and wellness content.

  7. View From Above UBM 2279

    Light-hearted piano with soaring synthesizers, electronic bleeps and mellow percussion.

  8. Caring UBM 2381

    Modest and neutral. Ideal for stock market and weather reports, as well as drawing the lottery numbers.

  9. Black Hole UBM 2259

    Electronic, exploratory, uncertain. Suitable for images from science, astronomy, psychology or for science fiction.

  10. Space Tension UBM 2216

    Scientific, neutral, floating; with a slightly dark undertone.

  11. Consumer Tip UBM 2319

    Mid-tempo electronic atmosphere that starts out rather mellow but gets lighter. Great for news, business magazine, corporate presentations.

  12. Heat Waves UBM 2361

    Never ending heat waves! Global climate change is overwhelming humanity. Moderately pulsating rhythms, ticking clocks and dark piano sounds.

  13. News & Business 2 UBM 2144

    Optimistic background music for consumer magazines.