Playlist image Storms, severe weather and climate change
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Storms, severe weather and climate change

The hurricanes "Zeynep" and "Ylenia" have had Germany firmly under control for days - and the next storm is already on the horizon. Meteorologists warn of "Antonia", which will again bring showers, thunderstorms, and strong gusts. Photo by Fer Nando on Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Dramatic Condition UBM 2426

    Dramatic strings and threatening synthesizer pads for documentaries on pressing social issues but also for exciting and action-packed films and games.

  2. The Last Storm UBM 2388

    Majestic, growing, dramatic track with mysterious vocals that is suitable for reports about underwater worlds as well as climate change and its consequences.

  3. Climate Change UBM 2361

    The climate is about to collapse. It´s five minutes to midnight. Haunting chimes, ticking clocks and dark, spherical soundscapes convey an end-time mood.

  4. Infected UBM 2418

    A storm is brewing, gloomy premonitions turn into terrible truths. Disturbing, profound, threatening. Swelling strings are complemented by creepy chimes.

  5. Terrible Tornado UBM 2395

    Chaotic soundscape for images of storms, extreme weather conditions and gruesome activity.

  6. Ice Breaker UBM 2157

    forceful, destroying, agitated

  7. Hero From Another World UBM 2243

    Nervous beginning with strings and brass. Classic dark sound for superheroes and unexplainable phenomena.

  8. Arctic Snowscape ARTFCD38

    Classically driven strings and piano

  9. Stormy Weather UBM 2231

    Slow, warm, reflective, thoughtful.

  10. Weather & Preview 1 UBM 2150

    dynamic yet relaxed, spherical

  11. Offense UBM 2295

    Action-packed, suspense-filled orchestral track which evokes feelings of danger and threat. Drums, synthesizer, cymbals, strings and male chorus reminds one of battle scenes and images of fast interaction. Perfect for trailers.

  12. Glassy Bubbles UBM 2207

    Fragile like glass, this friendly, pulsating tune is ideal for images of nature and science.

  13. Icy Depths ARTFCD11

    Sinister revolving synths