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Synodal Path

In the shadow of abuse scandals and cover-up attempts by high-ranking church representatives, the Catholic Church is at a crossroads. From February 3 to 5 2022, the Third Synodal Assembly took place in Frankfurt am Main, where clergy and laity gathered in order to discuss the future of the Catholic Church. Photo: Channel 82 on

Tracks (12)

  1. Roi De Navarre UBM 2375

    Frankincense is in the air. Holy chant accompanied by a medieval hurdy-gurdy.

  2. Dorian Gregorian ARTFCD01

    Ecclesiastical male voices and orchestra.

  3. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem UBM 2100

    Bells of one of the largest and oldest churches in the centre of Jerusalem's Old City

  4. Monks From The Future UBM 2435

    Latin singing with vocoder. Retro-futuristic, unusual, original.Latin singing with vocoder. Retro-futuristic, unusual, original. The text, Omnia Sol Temperat, is known from Carl Orff's setting and comes from the medieval poetry anthology "Carmina Burana."

  5. Gregorian Resonance UBM 2331

    Modern take on medieval music. A monks' choir meets piano and strings. Great for fantasy films and historical contexts. 68 bpm

  6. Negative 10 UBM 2407

    Dark track with ominous soundscapes. A feeling of mafia-like structures, abuse of power and sinister machinations is created.

  7. Anxiety UBM 2199

    Dangerous, threatening and hopeless. The depressing piano melody is suitable for topics such as climate change or horror films.

  8. Investigative 05 UBM 2176

    atmospheric, floating, propulsive

  9. Engrossed In Thought UBM 2406

    Serious, thoughtful piano with a choir. Ideal for documentaries, farewell scenes and dramas.

  10. Horizon Light UBM 2382

    Confident track with piano and strings. Optimistic, positive, easy. Ideal for reports on social justice and successful restarts.

  11. Sweet Dreams UBM 2308

    Medieval sounding lullaby with warm acoustic guitar, bells and a dreamlike choir. For series, films and games set in far-away magical lands.