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Tax returns 2022

If you file your own tax return in Germany, the deadline for filing this year is the end of September. Since this falls on a weekend, the declaration for 2022 does not have to be submitted to the tax office until the following Monday, October 2nd, 2023. Photo: Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Tracks (16)

  1. Send A Fax UBM 2513

    Communication is not a one-way street! A nervous tick, this busy track weaves its way into the waiting client's stressed subconscious.

  2. Review UBM 2432

    Contributions about politics, election campaigns or economic developments benefit from this track that conveys subtle tension.

  3. Newsfake UBM 2401

    Dynamic, ticking, moving. Reminscent of data streams and stock ticker.

  4. Neuroplasticity UBM 2442

    Crystalline, percussive synthesizer arpeggios with sparse electronic beats. Ideal for neurological topics, features about networks and big data and investigative research.

  5. Beta Decays UBM 2301

    Fast-paced track for images of space, data transfer, communication and technology.

  6. Consolation Round UBM 2488

    Enchanting consolation prizes await those who failed in the final. Once again it's time to hold your breath and concentrate!

  7. Data Connected UBM 2400

    Fast track for digital life and network-based communication.

  8. Some Sorrows UBM 2265

    Time is running out, thoughtful, concerned. Piano.

  9. Virtual Paradise UBM 2232

    Clear, reduced, neutral. Ideal for news, reports or stock market reports.

  10. Risky Game UBM 2408

    The candidate ponders, the tension rises. Will he choose the correct answer?

  11. Consumer Tip UBM 2319

    Mid-tempo electronic atmosphere that starts out rather mellow but gets lighter. Great for news, business magazine, corporate presentations.

  12. Piano Ambience UBM 2227

    Neutral underscore for programs on society, nature and modern life.

  13. Research UBM 2258

    Time is running out. This track, characterized by piano, synthesizer and strings, conveys a feeling of hecticness and threat.

  14. Good Deal UBM 2458

    Excitement mounts: will the campaign achieve the hoped-for price? This minimalist composition for piano and guitar is also suitable for stock market reports or consumer magazines.