Playlist image November 21, 2020: World Television Day

November 21, 2020: World Television Day

On November 21, 2020, the mass medium of television will be remembered. Since 1997, the World Television Day has been commemorating the first world television forum of the UN, which took place from November 21 to 22, 1996. This summit has been held annually since then and brings together TV entrepreneurs as well as experts from all over the world, where they discuss the future prospects of the medium. In Germany, 95% of households now have at least one television set, 28% of households two televisions and 11% more than two. Photo: Sven Scheuermeier (

Tracks (15)

  1. Media Planner UBM 2265

    Neutral yet optimistic. Suitable for introducing innovative technologies. Synthesizer.

  2. Fuel Happiness UBM 2227

    Warm, uplifting track for commercials and trailers. Very family-friendly.

  3. Exposure Rate UBM 2238

    Research, investigation and lab work. Determined, pulsating, efficient.

  4. Best Choise UBM 2277

    Reduced, neutral piano track, accompanied by synths and drums. Technology, science and research.

  5. Sunlight On Water UBM 2283

    Flowing mid-tempo track; ticking electronica.

  6. Radiator UBM 2294

    Smooth and mysterious with a funky bassline and laid-back Hammond organ. Classic and cool, pure film noir!

  7. Punishment UBM 2225

    Serious and determined. Dark synthesizers and heavy drumming combined for maximum action.

  8. Blue Beard UBM 2136

    Adventurous, superior. Full symphonic orchestra with big choir sections

  9. Early Birds UBM 2354

    Happy track with a feelgood melody on the acoustic guitar. Perfect for family programs and morning shows.

  10. Happy Today UBM 2231

    Guitar, piano and strings; upbeat, caring and heartfelt.

  11. Bluff HT0016

    Instrumental solo piano accompanied by strings. Suitable for passionate and dramatic scenes.

  12. Homeward Bound ARTFCD30

    Sentimental trumpet with orchestra

  13. Dew Drops ARTFCD08

    Warm solo piano