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Best of "The-Artful- Library"

A selection of cool, chic tracks with a stylish vibe, ideal for modern magazine and hip lifestyle productions.

Tracks (30)

  1. I Was There ARTFCD32

    Strong and proud with laidback beat

  2. Sunny Side ARTFCD37

    Feelgood catchy melody

  3. Dinner Party ARTFCD28

    Cool Rhodes and piano

  4. Easy Jammer ARTFCD39

    Funky piano led acid jazz

  5. Pride ARTFCD40

    Delayed piano with steady beat

  6. Cool Fun ARTFCD49

    Laid back indie guitar and strings

  7. Good Morning ARTFCD24

    Feelgood and flowing with lead organ and marimbas

  8. Style Guru ARTFCD28

    Cool but rhythmic piano and strings

  9. I Want You ARTFCD37

    Yearning guitar distortion

  10. Fine Morning Theme ARTFCD49

    Bright and breezy morning feeling

  11. Groovalicious ARTFCD24

    Upfront and cool with funky drums

  12. Gooday Theme ARTFCD49

    Bright and upbeat morning feel

  13. Smooth Groove ARTFCD95

    Laid back electric piano washes and drum beat with acoustic bass

  14. Brand New Day ARTFCD37

    Happy and easy going riffs and licks

  15. Up Country ARTFCD27

    Sunny steel-strung guitar solo

  16. Cappucino ARTFCD23

    Walking pace, cool and jazzy

  17. Open Roads ARTFCD22

    Warm acoustic guitar and easy percussion

  18. Summer Day ARTFCD35

    Warm and upbeat melody and vocals

  19. Dreamdaze ARTFCD32

    Lazy orchestral strings with chill out piano

  20. Natural Balance ARTFCD18

    Gentle rhythmic anticipation

  21. Morning Sun ARTFCD26

    Gentle strings with rippling piano

  22. Riviera ARTFCD22

    Gliding pads and relaxed piano rhythms

  23. People Watch ARTFCD32

    Walking pace contemplation with electric piano