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Tour de France

The Tour de France 2023 will take place from July 1st to 23rd. The bike tour goes in 21 stages from the Basque country to Paris. We have compiled the right tracks for all reports on the cycling race highlight. Foto: pixabay/

Tracks (19)

  1. Jumping High UBM 2334

    Determined arpeggios and drum machine impacts characterize this propulsive track that works on the dance floor as well as - for example - the soundtrack to a bicycle race.

  2. Sunset UBM 2287

    Spring break sounds to kick off that summer feeling. Progressive house track for pool parties.

  3. Keytarate UBM 2480

    Intoxicating synth pop in the style of the 80s. Optimistic, ready to go, futuristic.

  4. Prank UBM 2234

    Airy, breezy electronic dance track for images of holidays, parties and nightlife.

  5. Cosmic Fire UBM 2414

    Energetic dance track for the club or the gym.

  6. A Million Freeways UBM 2474

    Electronic music culture and the feeling of unlimited freedom through automobility - this is also what Rhine metropolises like Düsseldorf and Cologne stand for. This electronic track is the perfect companion for late-night drives on the freeway or partying at the after-work club.

  7. Universe UBM 2154

    Warm, forward-thinking, driving. Provides a good mood and lightness.

  8. Funky Fitness UBM 2468

    Whether it's a fitness course or a workout at home with the online tutorial: if you exercise regularly, you'll stay fit and healthy for longer! This motivating pop track with funky e-guitar, bass and drums will get any couch potato moving.

  9. Right Now TWPM 048

    Driving pop indie with powerful motivational male rock vocals.

  10. Dance Sister Dance UBM 2146

    Ambitious drums give this rather neutral track an energy-rich vibe.

  11. Still Got My Blues UBM 2343

    If wild bluesy guitar solos and a groovy rhythm section are your thing, this track will be right up your alley.

  12. Winter Games ARTFCD38

    Dark reverse loops with synth pads

  13. Can Do It ARTFCD37

    determined and purposeful choppy chords

  14. Upspeed Drive UBM 2210

    High-energy track with a steady beat, guitars and drum accents.

  15. Cycle Star UBM 2213

    Driving and dynamic; with distorted guitars and a breakbeat.

  16. Jumping Creature UBM 2314

    Power rock anthem with 1980s influence. Starts out as a headbanger and becomes surprisingly melodic over time.

  17. Corrupted Reloaded UBM 2153

    Energetic track with repetitive strings and shuffled rock drum breaks.

  18. Groove From Space UBM 2254

    Positive, informative, agile. For news, sports summaries or image films.