Playlist image March 31: International Transgender Day of Visibility
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March 31: International Transgender Day of Visibility

Since 2009, International Transgender Day of Visibility (also called TDOV, Transgender Day of Visibility) is an annual event occurring on March 31. It is dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Tracks (14)

  1. Turning Point UBM 2402

    For modern reports and podcats on social topics. Moods between neutral and subtly pressing.

  2. Take Care Of Myself HT0454

    Contemporary female-driven vocals blasting with confidence and emotion over a driving track with plenty of buildups and breakdowns

  3. Hopeful Turn UBM 2382

    Urgent, serious and enlightened. Ideal track for topics like equality, political power struggle or the power of social movements like #metoo.

  4. Greater London UBM 2451

    Airily arranged, rhythmically restrained crackling and crunching piece referencing the British club sound aesthetic of the late nineties.

  5. Imagine And Live UBM 2233

    Hopeful and optimistic mood; piano theme over a busy background. For news content, biographical features or political documentaries.

  6. Trappin Rob UBM 2272

    Electronic beats and piano make for a dynamic but neutral track that is suitable for digital themes, among other things.

  7. Speed It Up UBM 2385

    Dynamic, fresh and young. Ideal for political podcasts or innovative ideas.

  8. Just In UBM 2351

    Neutral to warm atmosphere for programs on nature, energy, communication and social issues.

  9. Wicked Clouds UBM 2238

    Slowly evolving calm track. Reflective, atmospheric and with a certain raw beauty.

  10. Very Last Try UBM 2360

    Gentle, motivating, yet majestic and light. For image films, brands and advertising that inspires confidence and confidence.


    Dynamic piano piece that conveys both light drama and optimism. For nature documentaries, biographical articles or reports on social change.

  12. Marimba Strings UBM 2270

    Curious, optimistic, driving. Perfect for reporting on social, societal and cultural changes.

  13. Change UBM 2218

    Piano and strings; pondering, thoughtful and quite melancholy.

  14. Diamond Piano UBM 2301

    Piano opening, then the soft beat starts at 00:22. A nice rolling positive sound with a tasty mixture of jazz and drum and bass.