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UBM presents: TWELVETONES production music

We are more than happy to announce our new partner library from Budapest; TWELVETONES production music. We will integrate more than 60 TWELVETONES-albums into our catalougue. In this playlist you find some of the first available tracks. Enjoy.

Tracks (25)

  1. Night Shift TWPM 047

    Muted jazz trumpet on vinyl hip-hop beats with electric piano chords.

  2. Follow me to Paris TWPM 001

    Seductive, thrilling acoustic pop with busy percussion and low guitar notes featuring romantic accordion theme. Oh là là!

  3. Closer To Me TWPM 002

    Delicate, emotional indie pop with drum & bass groove and thumping bass featuring female vocals.

  4. Jazz to me TWPM 003

    Fast driving drum and bass beats with thumping double bass groove, vinyl scratches, jazz samples, jazzy horns riffs and story telling vocal samples. Very funky.

  5. Easy Travel TWPM 042

    Uplifting and feel-good track with driving upbeat drums and hand claps, lively acoustic guitar rhythms and cosy floating slide guitar lines.

  6. Busy day TWPM 004

    Easy-going drum & bass bed with funky guitar riffs and high synths melody.

  7. Droid Love TWPM 005

    Quirky lounge bed with funny synth sound.

  8. Spreading fire TWPM 006

    Catchy guitar riffs on simple rock drums in an easy and laid back manner.

  9. Bo Dee Da TWPM 024

    Chilled jazzy Rhodes piano chords on a laid-back urban beat featuring funky lead synth with vinyl effects, scratches and flute samples.

  10. Sheep Shearer Contest TWPM 043

    Hungarian folk influenced quirky super happy oom-pah rock featuring Russian balalaika

  11. Cowboy And Samurai TWPM 007

    Energetic 50s guitar band like fast-paced surf pop with catchy melody.

  12. Sing little bird TWPM 008

    Positive, optimistic soft rock tune with off-beat guitars and Hungarian folksong-like lead guitar theme.

  13. Perpetuum Diabile TWPM 033

    Zestful, eccentric orchestral track with rattling drums and upbeat harpsichord.

  14. Someone TWPM 037

    Melodic synth pop song with four on the flour beat and sparse synthesizes featuring lovely female vocal.

  15. Silicon Zen TWPM 009

    Sequenced bells with chill groove and ambient pads featuring Japanese koto.

  16. Acid Rain TWPM 036

    Driving tense synthesizer sequence fading in, sinister atmosphere. Massive hits in the middle section, synth arpeggio fades into sci-fi atmosphere. Big end hit.

  17. Perpetual Doubt TWPM 039

    Soft yet uneasy minimal piano with coming and going string notes, circling down to the depth of the mind, evoking a feeling of constant thinking and "what if"…

  18. Mediterranean Heartbeats TWPM 035

    Romantic and passionate solo acoustic piano theme.

  19. The Past Will Come Again TWPM 045

    Acoustic bed with chamber strings, bells, guitars and percussion featuring minimal repetitive gradually building melody.

  20. Life In Nature TWPM 032

    Harmonious handpan playing and a ritual-like didgeridoo for all features about things wondrous and amazing.

  21. I Challenge You TWPM 038

    Epic pop - rock trailer track with massive big drums, sparse piano notes and modern sound-design elements featuring male indie rock vocal hooks. Perfect soundtrack for action show trailer.

  22. Hiding TWPM 034

    Catchy electronic pop song with treated vocal samples. Melodic and chilled.

  23. Spooky Smoke TWPM 040

    At the campfire of the beach party at night all kinds of creatures gather and dance with strange movements to the dub from the boombox.

  24. Guitarra Gitana TWPM 041

    Strolling through the streets of a Mediterranean city on the waterfront. Discovering things, tasting food, enjoying red wine and walking along the seaside in the evening breeze. For travel formats and similar documentaries.