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Urban beats for reporting on youth and street culture. Photo: Hin Bong Yeung (

Tracks (12)

  1. Temple Room UBM 2378

    Starts as a slightly threatening track with repetitive bass synthesizer and mid-tempo click. Reduced bridge in a more relaxed mood.

  2. This Is Massive UBM 2234

    Mid-tempo dance track with oriental scales and vocal bits.

  3. Chaos Theory HT0077

    Weird Break Beats track makes you feel uncomfortable, increasing chaos towards end.

  4. City Wolf UBM 2315

    Contemporary dynamic club sound with hints of trap and dubstep. Ideal for images of youth, clubbing, fashion and night owls.

  5. City Lights UBM 2287

    Miami speedboat party with sunshine and cocktails.

  6. Bring your love NYH001

    Energetic and driving beats. Good for scenes with light action and challenges of all kind.

  7. Around The Way HT0089

    Orchestral Trip Hop

  8. Internet Piracy UBM 2238

    Fast track with a serious, threatening undertone. Steady bassdrum and swirling synthesizers.

  9. Bleeding Inside HT0405

    Dark & Moody Hip Hop (Trap)

  10. Apu's Shotgun HT0095

    Heavy Dubstep, with Woobly Bass and dark string arragements

  11. Shade Of The Blue HT0080

    Urban track with a melancholy rock influence and bouncy beat. Combines a sense of loss with determination.

  12. Get Strong HT0001

    Dominating and triumphant Dubstep that instills a sense of power.