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Vacation time

Whether alone, as a couple, with friends and family: the long-awaited vacation time is finally just around the corner! Pack your suitcase and head for the sun. Photo: Ibrahim Rifath (

Tracks (14)

  1. Rum Zeck UBM 2320

    Small brass ensemble playing a fun polka with happy whistled melody. German/ Bavarian folk style with tuba, french horn and flugelhorn.

  2. Summer's Night UBM 2369

    This quiet accordion melody evokes images of a warm summer evening in the countryside. Bullerby idyll.

  3. Stummfilmpiano UBM 2194

    Cheerful slapstick music from the silent film era. Solo piano.

  4. Walking The Road UBM 2333

    This pop-infused piano ballad is great for emotional moments, images of family, nature and time passing by.

  5. 330 Dritter Satz UBM 2293

    The serene third movement of Piano Sonata No. 10 in C major KV 330 (300h) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Here played beautifully tender on the harp.

  6. Summer Games ARTFCD38

    active piano, flute and brass combo

  7. Sunset Surfing UBM 2284

    Positive track, suitable for images of holidays, beaches and sunsets. Easygoing and relaxed.

  8. Loveley UBM 2193

    Power ballad. Light and with a positive undertone.

  9. Neutral Flow UBM 2208

    Cool-headed, poppy tune. Continuously floating, open and evoking images of flight and travel.

  10. Jack Surf UBM 2227

    Sunny track for that holiday feeling. Laid-back, relaxed, youthful.

  11. Pathworking UBM 2160

    Cool mid tempo, electronica, generic, smooth, positive but relaxed, pleasant and mellow, lo-fi

  12. The Beach UBM 2163

    relaxed, hilarious, tipsy; positive

  13. Let's Walk UBM 2368

    Cool and groovy! Positive, optimistic Feelgood-Jazz with authentic joie de vivre and enjoyment. Perfect for travel reports, cultural and art programs and late night broadcasts.

  14. Elevate UBM 2377

    Quiet guitar track that inspires you to relax and think. Good for travel reports and magazines about wellness and relaxation.