Playlist image February 14: Valentine's Day
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February 14: Valentine's Day

On February 14th, as every year, Valentine's Day is celebrated. The customs of this day go back to the feast of St. Valentinus. Today, especially in the USA, the day is known as an occasion to show each other one's love with presents and attention.

Tracks (19)

  1. First Move UBM 2516

    The dating show is reaching its hot phase. The first romantic encounters are followed - always accompanied by the camera - by emotional conversations and crises caused by broken hearts. Thoughtful, introverted, melancholic.

  2. Let's Love UBM 2487

    Touching reality content or evening series with a happy ending benefit from this moving piano pop track. Have tissues ready!

  3. Never Forget UBM 2318

    Pop track with positive, happy undertone. The ideal soundtrack for good times, happy memories and fun days.

  4. Happy Afternoon TWPM 013

    Jazzy funky groove featuring jazz guitar theme and solo with saxophone fills.

  5. Natural Delight UBM 2405

    Wonderful piano composition full of harmony and calm. Ideal for nature scenes and romantic films about the Victorian era.

  6. River Sunset UBM 2474

    Acoustic guitar, strings, and piano invite you to a warm end to a mild summer evening, with wine and cheese with a view over the vineyards along the Rhine.

  7. Amour Fou UBM 2236

    Lovely flutes and acoustic guitar combine to form a romantic ensemble. For romance films in a rural setting.

  8. I Like You UBM 2391

    The newly in love couple make themselves comfortable in front of the fireplace with a blanket and hot cocoa. Romantic, warm, peaceful.

  9. Matthews World UBM 2367

    A solo piano piece from Matthew, for those beautiful romantic interludes, and a perfect enhancement for candlelit dinners.

  10. Dreams Of Love In South America UBM 2473

    Protected from wind and sun, vacationers enjoy the healing sea air of the Copacabana. With a view of the granite hills and the famous Sugar Loaf, it is easy to switch off.

  11. Primavera A Padova UBM 2462

    Impressionistic composition for romance films and historical documentaries. Exuberant strings and horns meet accentuating drums and percussion, creating a classic soundscape that keeps increasing.

  12. Lavendel UBM 2353

    A light and breezy, piano led track, with cello accompaniment.

  13. Don't Let The Sun TWPM 002

    Beautiful, emotional, building 90's vibe pop rock ballad with anthemic chorus, heavy guitars and male vocals.

  14. Act II - Le Début d'un Amour UBM 2389

    Love is in the air! This romantic piano melody conveys a feeling of joyful anticipation, young love and carefree affection. Lively, delicate, picturesque.

  15. Feeling Good UBM 2399

    Carefree, happy instrumental with ukulele and handclaps. Great background music for tutorial videos, kids programs, DIY podcasts, and crowdfunding campaigns.

  16. Just A Little Tune UBM 2397

    Sunday morning, the table is set and a relaxed summer day is ahead. For family programs, advertising and travel magazines.

  17. For My Love SLAM0015

    Mid Tempo JAZZ

  18. Printemps à Paris UBM 2369

    Spring in Paris is the theme of this lively track. Accordion, guitar, drum brushes.

  19. Art Of Love UBM 2362

    Romantic solo piano. Reminiscing, sensitive, soulful.