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Workout Musik

HIIT, MMA and the stretching afterwards: A good workout video needs motivating music. We've pulled out our sportiest tracks with sweat guarantee - whether online or offline.

Tracks (15)

  1. Orion UBM 2411

    Slightly threatening instrumental hip hop in a medium tempo. Ticking hi-hats, fat bass drum and faded synthesizers.

  2. Amazing UBM 2234

    Infectious synths and a fun beat characterize this youthful track. For sports, nightlife and youth programs.

  3. Last Train Out UBM 2334

    Accentuated yet warm synth pop track in uplifting mood. Human, vibrant, urban.

  4. Rock For Freedom UBM 2227

    Upbeat & optimistic pop tune for leisure, sports and entertainment. Airy guitars, piano accents and a steady beat. Mid-tempo.

  5. Take Care Of Myself HT0454

    Contemporary female-driven vocals blasting with confidence and emotion over a driving track with plenty of buildups and breakdowns

  6. Generalix UBM 2177

    stomping, determined, confident

  7. Business In Heaven UBM 2378

    Instrumental hiphop; moving, fresh and confident.

  8. Sunset UBM 2287

    Spring break sounds to kick off that summer feeling. Progressive house track for pool parties.

  9. Welcome To Smell Incredible HT0085


  10. All In The Game HT0453

    Energetic Sports Hip Hop Track containing Brass, Synths, and driving hip hop beat. Big Synth melody intermittent throughout. Breakdown at 1:26.

  11. Get Ready Tension HT0021

    Sports Anthem, Mysterious, Great for introducing sports competitors. Synth and Dubstep Drums create a futuristic hip hop hybrid.

  12. Street Cred UBM 2411

    A creaky synthesizer melody, claps and brass samples characterize this minimalist, gradually increasing track.

  13. Speed Axes UBM 2314

    Simple guitar riff, handclaps and energetic drums characterize this punk-influenced indie rock smasher. For feeling energetic, refreshed and motivated.

  14. The Lesson One HT0089

    Hip Hop lounge style track thats chill and ambient.

  15. Holistic Healing UBM 2415

    For relaxation and sleep apps, this warm analogue synthesizer track is the right choice. It opens up a world of peace and security.