Playlist image May 03, 2020: World Press Freedom Day

May 03, 2020: World Press Freedom Day

May 3rd is International World Press Freedom Day. This year, the focus is particularly on disinformation and mood-building against media professionals. Photo by The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash

Tracks (16)

  1. Deadline UBM 2363

    The excitement of the printing press, as it rolls out the next big daily newspaper with the top headline.

  2. Firmengeflecht UBM 2346

    The ticking score to undercover journalism about corrupt individuals and dark deeds in business and politics.

  3. Hazard UBM 2278

    There's danger ahead, modern, distanced sound, ideal for images of political reports, investigative journalism.

  4. Story UBM 2351

    High-quality soundtrack for modern TV series and documentaries, radio broadcasts and podcasts. Neutral mood.

  5. Hectic Life UBM 2385

    Hectic, restless, unsettled. Features about modern mental illnesses such as stress-related depression or isolation can be appropriately accompanied.

  6. Low Ticking UBM 2207

    Investigative mood, analytical and serious. Delayed electronics.

  7. Censorship UBM 2361

    The state controls the media. Hypnotic pulsing synthesizer sounds, ticking clocks and polyrhythmic arpeggios convey discomfort.

  8. During The Break UBM 2265

    This Synthesizer track works for everything news-related.

  9. Glastower UBM 2341

    Subtle backround sound. Expectant and impulsive.

  10. Telegraph UBM 2218

    Cinematic sound, defined by rapidly moving strings and snare drum rolls. Scenic and restless.

  11. Recognize UBM 2383

    Thoughtful piano piece with strings. Dark and melancholic, it fits the latest news about climate change, factory farming or viruses.

  12. Perfect Design UBM 2360

    Relaxed electronic track with 100 BPM. For corporate videos, consumer magazines and business topics. Neutral and appealing.

  13. Surprising Discovery UBM 2161

    amazed, excited, hopeful; nature

  14. Marimbeat UBM 2348

    Busy yet warm electronic track for science programs, modern avertising and technological content.