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Yoga was listed as an intangible world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2016. Whether on youtube, in the studio or on a retreat - yoga is one of the most popular sports and helps many people to find not only physical balance. Foto: Jared Rice on

Tracks (20)

  1. Little Walk UBM 2415

    In turbulent times, many people rely on alternative healing methods and holistic therapies. Hypnotic and floating, these sounds create an atmosphere of well-being and inner balance.

  2. Wetlands UBM 2440

    During Shavasana the body comes to rest and the focus is on the breath alone. For yoga, spas or wellness content in general.

  3. Under Your Feet UBM 2397

    Tired, indolent and lazy, this guitar piece describes the feeling just before going to sleep. Suitable for sleeping pills and sleep apps.

  4. Cloud Choir UBM 2265

    Airy guitar with a full spherical sound. Relaxing, positive.

  5. Warm Area UBM 2352

    Ambient composition for synthesizer pads.

  6. Dreamcatcher ARTFCD06

    Calm glowing suspensions

  7. Insel UBM 2320

    Bell-like, airy, positive, synthesizer melody and world music percussion, very slow, wide.

  8. Catnap UBM 2455

    The strenght is to be found in serenity! Switching off from everyday stress is easy with this gentle electronica track. Cool, relaxed, sleepy.

  9. Calmer Karma ARTFCD07

    Slow tabla with warm strings

  10. Peace And Breathing UBM 2333

    Contemplative, wistful piece that leaves plenty of room for thought and reflection.

  11. Chinese Impression UBM 2352

    Inspired by Asian music. Ambient composition for quiet pictures. Perfect for topics such as health, wellness and holidays.

  12. Spring Flow UBM 2388

    Light, airy, flowing. Harmonious melody for esoteric healing methods, natural home remedies and energetic work.

  13. Oriental Heartbeat ARTFCD01


  14. First Light UBM 2405

    The dawn has set in, the dew is still on the leaves and meadows, the world is slowly awakening. Delicate composition for piano and strings.

  15. Coffee Break UBM 2413

    It's Sunday morning, the sun is shining: whether coffee in bed or an extensive brunch, this jazzy trumpet composition ensures a good mood and cosiness.

  16. Vertical UBM 2326

    Calm, jazzy, late night, fascinating, floating.

  17. Rooftops UBM 2448

    The crew embarks on a relaxed and luxurious sailing trip. Pure relaxation!

  18. Haute Couture UBM 2303

    Keyboards synths and percussion for a slow cruise. With slightly quirky sound breaks.

  19. A Vision In White UBM 2318

    Chilled electronic track with added acoustic guitar and piano. Warm, relaxed and mellow.

  20. Free Mind UBM 2385

    Carefree and harmonious, this piano composition is suitable for family issues such as education, healthy eating or as background music for DIY projects.