Playlist image 70 years of zebra crossings
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70 years of zebra crossings

70 years ago - on July 8, 1952 - the first historically verified application of twelve crosswalks took place in Munich. A year later, the legislature introduced the pedestrian crossings nationwide. Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

Tracks (14)

  1. Jazz Romance UBM 2288

    A cheerful, bouncy jazz tune with a 1950s Louis Armstrong feel. Featuring Piano, Bass, Guitar and Trumpet.

  2. Autofreier Sonntag UBM 2368

    Relaxed and warm as a sunny summer day. This jazz composition sounds urban and stress-free, peaceful and dreamy.

  3. Rush Hour UBM 2274

    Tough track, reminiscent of scenes of traffic jams in the evening rush hour.

  4. Urban Changes UBM 2429

    The right soundtrack for images of urban change. From urban gardens to pedestrian zones and the construction of bicycle paths, inner cities are constantly changing.

  5. Happy People Walk UBM 2459

    Light-hearted, cheerful and slightly drowsy, this track offers the right vibes for relaxation and concentration.

  6. Bavarian Gaudi UBM 2412

    Whether Oktoberfest, après-ski or Scheuengaudi: this exuberant folk tune creates a good atmosphere!

  7. Keep It Up UBM 2242

    Quirky organ, repetitive bass and latin percussion; quirky, kitschy, cool, easy listening.

  8. Proton UBM 2301

    Pleasant, scientific, curious, warm, and laid back. With a light electronic industrial feel to it.

  9. Traffic Lights UBM 2413

    A rainy day in the anonymous city, the traffic is slow and people are in a hurry. For thoughtful, slightly melancholy scenes in an urban setting.

  10. 215 AM UBM 2451

    Sleepy chill-out track with unusually detailed rhythmic foundation. Suggests gentle movement in nocturnal urban spaces.

  11. Nice Notes UBM 2208

    Pizzicato strings and e-piano notes create the magical, sweet atmosphere of this track. Sounds like straight out of a fairytale.

  12. Coffee Table Boogaloo UBM 2458

    The stands are set up at the flea market, dealers and buyers look forward to exciting negotiations. This cheerful rock 'n' roll matches the happy anticipation.