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time change

Although the time change should have been abolished a long time ago, we set the clocks back to daylight saving time on March 27. For reporting on the debate and on the question; forward or back? we have compiled the appropriate tracks. Foto: 30daysreplay Social Media Marketing /

Tracks (15)

  1. The Race UBM 2272

    Relaxed track that sounds warm and urban. Ideal for vernissages and the upscale art scene.

  2. Clear Paths UBM 2432

    Warm, pulsating electronic percussion with subdued guitar accents. Modern, driving forward; perfect for magazines about social issues and urban society.

  3. Blue Pearl UBM 2323

    Playful and light mallet track in a neutral mode. Great for scientific contexts, business news and even the weather forecast.

  4. Within UBM 2439

    Neutral, technical and consistent. Ideal for industrial and renewable energy images.

  5. Clouds UBM 2267

    Electronic Track with synthesizer and spheres, electronics. Ideal for daily news and weather reports.

  6. Data Files UBM 2307

    Organic, minimalist with guitar and bells, could be a good underlay for bike sports, tour de france.

  7. The Winds UBM 2340

    Ticking underscore for images of industrial design, technology and research.

  8. Metric Mania UBM 2208

    Time is ticking away. A subtly mad, bizarre orchestral tune. Complete with piano, strings and percussive elements.

  9. Summer Echoes UBM 2310

    Crystalline synthesizers with plenty of delay meet warm bass tones. Airy and classy, for images of movement and an upscale lifestyle.

  10. Life Without Tricks UBM 2450

    Friendly, flowing track for topics such as communication, design, product development, networking, fundraising, research and software.

  11. Neuroplasticity UBM 2442

    Crystalline, percussive synthesizer arpeggios with sparse electronic beats. Ideal for neurological topics, features about networks and big data and investigative research.

  12. Underwater UBM 2370

    A gripping, light intro that builds into a deep, spacious background. Perfect for deep sea images.

  13. Walnut UBM 2341

    Nice track with a friendly atmosphere and funny guitar sequence. Hear the dancing insects.

  14. Universal UBM 2278

    Light marimba sound for neutral, technical topics. Warm yet serious.