16 Tracks found for “gattico”

Notturno 1'49 UBM 2250

Slow oboe and piano creates a nocturnal atmosphere. Pensive and reflective.

Composed by Andrea Gattico
Un Piede Nell'aqua 3'06 UBM 2250

Oboe and piano sounds create the feeling of untouched nature and pure waters. Clear, pure, balanced.

Composed by Andrea Gattico
La Banda Del Buco 2'22 UBM 2250

Marimba, accordion and persuccions, clarinet, guitar and double bass are ideal for family program and scenes with dancing bandits in a fairytale.

Composed by Andrea Gattico
  1. Full 2'22
  2. Reduced 2'22
La Provinciale 2'06 UBM 2250

Warm accordion, double bass, piano and violin create a harmonious atmosphere. Suitable for articles about Italian hospitality, soul food or travelogues.

Composed by Andrea Gattico
  1. Full 2'06
  2. Reduced 1'35
La Marcia 2'08 UBM 2250

A spirited melody with Mediterranean guitars, accordion and drums. Ideal for a boisterous family celebration with many different guests in an Italian restaurant.

Composed by Andrea Gattico
  1. Full 2'08
  2. Reduced 2'08
Bolero Italiano 2'36 UBM 2250

Life is good! Many guests have come to the dignified outdoor cocktail party and are spending a relaxing day in a stylish ambience.

Composed by Andrea Gattico
  1. Full 2'36
  2. Reduced 2'36