Tracks (22)

  1. Dark Whisper

    Lively track that expresses emotional diversity from loneliness to optimism.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  2. Silky Smooth

    A cinematic symphonic score. Romantic, longing, passionate.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  3. Everywhere

    Earthy, perfect track for images of nature, wanderlust and laid-back pastimes. Guitar electronica.

    Composed by Janko Raseta

  4. Homeless

    Barren, sparse and introspective track with piano and acoustic guitar. Loss, grief, death.

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  5. Your Song

    Beautiful acoustic guitar. A romantic song, that is expressing love for nature.

    Composed by Oswin Ottl

  6. Night Tune

    Thoughtful, reflective solo guitar. For images of night time, contemplation or natural scenes.

    Composed by Oswin Ottl

  7. La Tristeza

    An uplifting track featuring a Spanish guitar and cello. Melancholy yet hopeful. Emotional, warm, cordial.

    Composed by Ricardo Volkert

  8. Cold

    Melancholic, sad and cinematic. An orchestral piece with piano, pan flute and strings for emotional dramas.

    Composed by Damian van Dam

  9. Deeply Saddened

    Thoughtful and calm, with piano with electric guitars. A medium-paced, airy composition for tasteful documentaries or sophisticated family dramas.

    Composed by Damian van Dam

  10. Last Chance

    Hopeful, hesitant track that exudes cautious optimism.

    Composed by Damian van Dam

  11. Day Before

    A cautious and sparse piano piece. For human emotions, nature and dramas.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  12. Breakable

    Staccato guitar. Wide and atmospheric. With exciting and mysterious elements for soulful scenes.

    Composed by Janko Raseta

  13. Expanse

    Minimalistic, flowing track. Modern, unobtrusive, discreet.

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  14. Void

    Thoughtful guitar. Far, quiet and slow. Ideal for wellness content, thoughtful scenes or documentaries.

    Composed by Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  15. Lost On You

    Quiet guitar with cello and violins. Emotional dramas or strokes of fate can be accompanied appropriately with it.

    Composed by Janko Raseta

  16. Seclusion

    Starting with a sophisticated solo piano that climbs to a crescendo and then slowly drifts into ambient electronica. For nature shots, longing love scenes or historical dramas.

    Composed by David Mate

  17. Old Love

    A nostalgic yet romantic journey through past moments with a touch of melancholy.

    Composed by Janko Raseta

  18. Change Of Heart

    Pulsating track that sounds thoughtful and calm, but also slightly threatening. Indecision, betwixt and between.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  19. Ever Lost

    Sparse, contemplative, simple score with piano and electric guitar accents.

    Composed by Bon Craft

  20. Uncertain

    Glistening, fragile, shimmering sounds that could easily accompany deep sea or deep space equally.

    Composed by Janko Raseta

  21. Reflection

    Slightly lighter track with ambient, atmospheric sounds and busy electric piano notes. Minimal, breezy.

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  22. Remedy

    Modern interpretation of classic, oriental, gentle melodies. Characterized by a conciliatory mood with a calm, peaceful character.

    Composed by David Mate

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