Tracks (25)

  1. Stones On The Way

    A flowing monotonous beat with a stomping bass.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  2. Waiting Period

    Emotive, gentle marimba with a neo-classical, minimalistic style.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  3. Subway Walk

    Powerful, subtle and secretive. The tension is thrilling as the deep drone passes into a futuristic beat.

    Composed by Jim Dust, Candis Grey

  4. Substratum

    Mysterious, vague, ambient electronic soundscape with a pulse driven bass.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  5. Gool

    A dark realm of synthetic sounds held together by a calm throbbing beat.

    Composed by Chris Gott, Martin Machwitz

  6. Cryptography

    A riddle needs to be solved. And time is running out.

    Composed by Chris Gott, Martin Machwitz

  7. Trauma

    Suspense, mystery, or investigation. A steady, dark, questioning electronic composition with an eerie touch.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  8. Hide Out

    Questioning and mysterious, yet lively and agile. For modern thrillers, suspense, politics, conspiracies or shady business.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  9. DNA Profile

    Artificial, technological, or mechanical. For research, investigation and modern detective work. With a neutral mood, and emotional undertones.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  10. Police Office

    Busy and decisive electronic beat with a repetitive synthesizer line.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  11. Masked

    A mysterious, yet dark electronic and busy beat to convey an atmosphere of threatening and yet unknown danger.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  12. Criminologist

    A chilling and mysterious track. With percussive clicking and dark timpani that are joined by strings as the energy and intensity increases.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  13. Doom

    A dark piano in a deep suspense packed sequence.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  14. Witness

    A vaguely hopeful piano led track. Investigative, curious, on the move. Or to convey the positive results are near.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  15. Searing

    An eerily driven track that leaves lots of room for thought and concentration.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  16. Isotope

    Steady, slightly nervous and serious piece. With a mid-tempo driven beat and a solid deep string theme.

    Composed by David Mate

  17. Thoughtful

    A thoughtful, reflective, meditative composition. A lone piano that subtly evolves with pulsating drone undertone.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  18. Lawyer

    Determined and steady, not too dark. Ideal for research, investigation and political discourse.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  19. Fingerprinting

    Foreboding, ominous and enigmatic. A medium tempo track for dirty business and its investigation.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  20. Engine Room

    Don‘t mess with these guys! A dark and steamy pulsating track with light industrial overtones.

    Composed by Chris Gott, Martin Machwitz

  21. Eternal Ice

    Shocking reality as the refugees must leave their homes. A mid tempo driven track with arabic elements.

    Composed by Martin Machwitz, Chris Gott

  22. Ghost House

    A slow atmospheric piano staccato melody with dark strings. A level constant flowing track.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  23. Space Bumper

    A slow dark orchestral track with solid droning cello bass.

    Composed by Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  24. Ice Cold

    Visions of ice cold water flowing beneath the ice caps and dripping icicles are conveyed with this composition.

    Composed by Chris Gott, Martin Machwitz

  25. Meeting Point

    A contemplative moving piece for the early hours that slowly builds as the sun rises.

    Composed by Michael Hornek

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