Tracks (26)

  1. Jump And Run

    Like a fully instrumented version of video game scores from the 1980s and 1990s...

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  2. Busy Bee

    Vivid surf guitar and rumbling backup band featuring organ and cymbals. Silly, cartoonish, fun.

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  3. Palaver

    Light-footed, authentic track that combines fast and repetitive piano lines with a klezmer-infused violin and a stuttering trumpet. Authentic and exciting.

    Composed by Bon Craft, Astrid Hofmann

  4. Olden Days

    Vintage tv theme with plenty of retro charme.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  5. Up And Down

    Playful, relaxed and whimsical. Piano, percussion and plenty of electronic bits all over the place. Medium tempo.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  6. Squirrel

    Quirky, bouncy, scurrile pop with 'doo-wop vocals, retro synths and a repetitive electric guitar theme.

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  7. Worm Cast

    Guitar and oldschool synthesizer in a sweet mid-tempo track somewhere between folk and electronica.

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  8. Cool Fox

    Laid-back, sleek and bold. This fun track radiates confidence and nonchalance.

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  9. Gambling Guys

    Funny, witty dance track, like a computer game.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  10. Circus Maximus

    Short track with organ accents, a bit on the strange side. Like a hurdy-gurdy.

    Composed by David Mate

  11. Buffoon One

    Old-fashioned piano melody for scenes of childhood, pets, circus or the varieté. Like the soundtrack for a film from the 1920s or 1930s.

    Composed by Bon Craft, Astrid Hofmann

  12. Buffoon Two

    Silly circus act music. Authentic and useful for family programs, cartoons and comedy.

    Composed by Astrid Hofmann, Bon Craft

  13. Crazy Thoughts

    Restless thoughts disturb the night's rest. Can't fall asleep. Track of relentless nervousness.

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  14. The Search

    Restless and curious mood, open-minded and neutral.

    Composed by Bertram Liebmann, Bon Craft

  15. Spectacle

    Vintage piano piece that sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a silent film. Witty, agile and fast.

    Composed by Astrid Hofmann, Bon Craft

  16. Arcanus

    Melodic and steady. Raises curiosity.

    Composed by Chris Void

  17. Simplus

    Peculiar sounds and simple ideas. What happens next?

    Composed by Chris Void

  18. Jealousy

    Fuzzy, slightly bizarre pop song with lead synthesizer and swirling guitar.

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  19. Pixels

    Retro video game sound, short 8bit chip tune.

    Composed by Hannes Hajdukiewicz

  20. Saltsoup

    Straight-forward and infectious – for sports and youth programs.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  21. Dumb Da Riddim

    Medium tempo electronic track with vocal and brass accents.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  22. Don´t Forget Me

    Stomping track, perfect for the morning workout, with saxophone melody and male vocal samples.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

  23. Data Frequency

    Funny data check

    Composed by Sid Sonic, Ryan Gold

  24. Musical Saw

    Slightly weird underscore with retro sci-fi vibe.

    Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic

  25. Reverser

    Can you smell the tires? This is one hell of a ride.

    Composed by Chris Gott

  26. Let The Games Begin

    Very interesting, unusual dubstep Track. Piano and orchestra meet Dubstep. Perfect for creative trailers.

    Composed by Leon Rodt

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