Playlist image 125 Years of Cinema

125 Years of Cinema

In 1895 the first commercial film was shown in the Berlin conservatory. Since then, cinema and film music have become an integral part of the cultural scene. Photo: Peter Lewicki (

Tracks (21)

  1. Palaver UBM 2321

    Light-footed, authentic track that combines fast and repetitive piano lines with a klezmer-infused violin and a stuttering trumpet. Authentic and exciting.

  2. Brown Haired Jenny HT0427

    Lighthearted, Late 1800's - Early 1900’s style piano solo. Good underscore for walking hand-in-hand on a boardwalk.

  3. Wide Land UBM 2328

    Panoramic soundscape that suggest beautiful wide landscapes. Calmly flowing strings and warm brass section characterize this classic film music.

  4. Jazz Romance UBM 2288

    A cheerful, bouncy jazz tune with a 1950s Louis Armstrong feel. Featuring Piano, Bass, Guitar and Trumpet.

  5. Serious Brass UBM 2270

    Dramatic and epic track that creates tension and expectations. Strings; brass; piano.

  6. The Good Waltz UBM 2342

    Variations on a waltz. A longing theme evolves into a baroque dance, turns into a Sicilienne followed by a fugue, only to land in the world of Russian romance.

  7. Heist Of The Year UBM 2373

    Expensive suits, clever plans and femmes fatales: this track with a vintage feel offers the tasteful sound for classic gangster films.

  8. Olden Days UBM 2321

    Vintage tv theme with plenty of retro charme.

  9. The Day After UBM 2110

    tragical movement, without return, string chords with thoughtful melody

  10. Light Shines Through 1 ARTFCD89

    Spiccato string and piano optimism

  11. Sunny Accordion UBM 2369

    Harmonious, idyllic, easy listening. Perfect for the early evening program.

  12. Constant Threat UBM 2260

    Stormy strings create a dramatic piece that conveys intrigue, haste and tension.

  13. Memories Will Stay UBM 2333

    Flowing piano, optimistic mood. Slightly nostalgic without being too sentimental.

  14. Spine Tingler ARTFCD103

    Chilling high strings and harp with string section interludes

  15. A Cortazar En Rayuela UBM 2252

    Melancholic solo piano piece that makes you think. Lonely, regretting and sad.

  16. Surf And Turf ACL214

    Surf-inspired piece with guitar, bass, drums, and a Bossa Nova style organ. The verses are drawn to a cadence with a thick horn section

  17. They Will Find You ACL192

    A dramatic piece book ended by a wondering piano line. Marching percussion strings and horns bring you to an unsettling breakdown with heartbeats sound effects and a harp melody.

  18. My Sweet Home UBM 2367

    An idyllic, warm, contented, homely track, to underlay those happy family moments with pleased satisfaction.

  19. Building Tension ACL194

    Dark and brooding strings and percussion

  20. Stroll ACL223

    Hopeful, upbeat, medium tempo piece. Features strum guitar and piano among other instruments.