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The 1990s: a decade that is slowly but surely celebrating its comeback. Vintage clothing, jogging suits, Vokuhila's and tattoo collars are just a few of the things that are popping up again and again in hip and independent neighborhoods. The music from 30 years ago also creates a well-known and unforgettable hype with fresh remixes and newly mastered versions. Photo: Lorenzo Herrera (

Tracks (9)

  1. The Sheep And The Shark UBM 2378

    1990s hiphop beat with short synth loop, choir samples and handclaps. Urban, cool, retro.

  2. Venga UBM 2358

    This fun electro dance track is reminiscent of the classic old 90s. Perfect for a work out.

  3. Bring your love NYH001

    Energetic and driving beats. Good for scenes with light action and challenges of all kind.

  4. In The Hood ARTFCD15

    Urban piano and hip hop rhythms

  5. Odyssey UBM 2301

    Dreamlike, mystical soundscape. New Age, relaxing, deep, reflective, warm, floating.

  6. Rocking Rough UBM 2253

    The summer holidays are here and the fun can begin! Exuberant, rocking, carefree.

  7. Flockentime UBM 2315

    The track with incredible force, listen to it loud, just drift. With solid heavy bass and percussion elements.

  8. Heading Straight UBM 2251

    Fast electro beats ensure a positive sound that is ideal for skate videos, courses or youth culture in general.

  9. Hope Maschine UBM 2340

    Dark but not too negative. Ticking hi-hats, pummeling bass drum, mid-tempo drums and plenty of vinyl crackle.