Playlist image 100 Years British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
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100 Years British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

The British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC for short, went on the air for the first time on October 18, 2022. The UK public service broadcaster is the oldest national broadcaster in the world. Photo by Rich Smith on Unsplash

Tracks (18)

  1. Unstoppable Dance ARTFCD100

    Intense and relentless dance rhythms with a slightly macabre feel

  2. Coffee Table Boogaloo UBM 2458

    The stands are set up at the flea market, dealers and buyers look forward to exciting negotiations. This cheerful rock 'n' roll matches the happy anticipation.

  3. Prepared Mess UBM 2447

    Syncopated piece for partially prepared piano over a steady rhythmic motif which slightly ironically suggests the restlessness of a bumpy journey.

  4. The Next Dance UBM 2328

    Playful, light-hearted, slightly ironic ball dance tune. Nostalgic instrumentation and very positive, comical mood.

  5. Golden Sweety UBM 2102

    Easy listening at its best. Kitschy female choir.

  6. Nighttime Hoboken UBM 2465

    A nighttime drive through a pulsating metropolis, past the temples of finance capital towering into the sky with their mirrored façades reflecting the neon light of the advertising billboards. Gradually increasing in tension.

  7. Buffoon One UBM 2321

    Old-fashioned piano melody for scenes of childhood, pets, circus or the varieté. Like the soundtrack for a film from the 1920s or 1930s.

  8. So Near So Far HT0460

    Sixties-esque Brit-Pop song about growing up.

  9. Sweet Cigarillo UBM 2334

    Vintage synth pop anthem that sounds as fresh as it would have done back in the 80s. Dynamic synth chords meet a catchy melody and propulsive bass lines.

  10. Mauchline UBM 2359

    Happy, Scottish-sounding theme with acoustic guitar and violin. For travelogues, historical documentaries and advertising with folkloric flair.

  11. Rough And Loud UBM 2372

    Wild rock track with punk influences. Memorable guitar riff, iconic organ and a howling solo ensure unbridled, good-humored sound.

  12. Reminiscence UBM 2430

    Neo-classical piano music with an impressionistic touch. Behave, tender, unobtrusive.

  13. New Suit Sunglasses And An Old Shotgun HT0045

    Retro lounge spy track with contemporary elements. Has a killer bass line.

  14. Keep It Up UBM 2242

    Quirky organ, repetitive bass and latin percussion; quirky, kitschy, cool, easy listening.

  15. Cool Conventions UBM 2254

    The track offers an electronic sound carpet with a reduced acoustic guitar. Well suited for news reports on radio or television or for science programs with high standards.

  16. Sassy Investigator UBM 2373

    Unobtrusive, cool track that revives the funk and blues-inspired soundtracks of the 1960s and 1970s. Classy, stylish, sexy, wicked.