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Fleamarket & Antiques

TV shows and docutainment formats in which viewers sell their attic finds to dealers at often surprising prices have enjoyed great popularity for years. Do you perhaps also have hidden treasures in your basement? Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Tracks (18)

  1. Coffee Table Boogaloo UBM 2458

    The stands are set up at the flea market, dealers and buyers look forward to exciting negotiations. This cheerful rock 'n' roll matches the happy anticipation.

  2. Olden Days UBM 2321

    Vintage tv theme with plenty of retro charme.

  3. Zoo Party UBM 2403

    Think of kids television and funny animal scenes. When the cat is gone, the mice dance. Groovy, playful and in a vintage style.

  4. Wonderful World UBM 2417

    Happy, child-friendly music for pictures of harmonious family life, sustainable lifestyle and carefree times.

  5. Poisoned Taco UBM 2401

    Subtly ironic tango with a vintage flair. The right sound for images of seductive femme fatal and cool gangsters.

  6. Feeling Good UBM 2399

    Carefree, happy instrumental with ukulele and handclaps. Great background music for tutorial videos, kids programs, DIY podcasts, and crowdfunding campaigns.

  7. Curious Fox UBM 2441

    Curious and in a hurry. Playful piano motif with a synthesizer that starts later.

  8. Picnic Day UBM 2185

    Easy-going, relaxed guitar track that is reminiscent of a trip with a picnic on the lake.

  9. Funky Time UBM 2436

    Funky-jazzy track that exudes joie de vivre and curiosity. Cool, clever, smart.

  10. French Cuisine UBM 2369

    Lively Bossa Nova track with a French touch. Perfect for cooking programs or travel magazines.

  11. Forward UBM 2432

    Neutral to optimistic score for weather reports, consumer tips or waiting loops.

  12. Sneaking Suspicion UBM 2373

    Groovy track with bass, bongos and organ. A suspicion arises ... the commissioner takes over the investigation ...

  13. Explosive UBM 2431

    Lively, funny track with a retro feel. Reminds of silent film cinema, circus scenes and homeland films from Eastern Europe.

  14. Travel Diary UBM 2419

    Initially thoughtful, then increasingly energetic folk rock. Memorable and motivating.

  15. A Strum, A Drum 4 UBM 2416

    Happy track with folkloric elements. Flute and acoustic guitars are reminiscent of country life and unspoiled nature.

  16. Let's Walk UBM 2368

    Cool and groovy! Positive, optimistic Feelgood-Jazz with authentic joie de vivre and enjoyment. Perfect for travel reports, cultural and art programs and late night broadcasts.

  17. Rum Zeck UBM 2320

    Small brass ensemble playing a fun polka with happy whistled melody. German/ Bavarian folk style with tuba, french horn and flugelhorn.

  18. Time Goes By UBM 2318

    Sweet, whimsical, warm track for the whole family. Increasing intensity. Great for commercials, daytime TV and children's programs.