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The Berlin International Film Festival is one of the most important events and celebrations of the music industry worldwide. The 72nd Berlinale takes place this year from January 10 - 20. It includes numerous award ceremonies. Our Berlinale playlist is suitable for all productions including red carpets, the show business and the high society.

Tracks (9)

  1. I Know Better UBM 2303

    Chilled underscore. Neutral, open, laid-back. With light funk rythm guitar.

  2. Radiator UBM 2294

    Smooth and mysterious with a funky bassline and laid-back Hammond organ. Classic and cool, pure film noir!

  3. Slow Food UBM 2386

    Regional, seasonal and sustainable ingredients are more popular than ever. Slow Food is committed to environmental protection and enjoyment.

  4. House To House UBM 2234

    Airy house track with a classy vibe.

  5. Red Carpet Event UBM 2420

    The perfect soundtrack for entertainment formats, tabloid magazines and dating shows.

  6. Alter Ego UBM 2358

    Straight, simple beat and lively synthies create a positive, exuberant mood. Perfect for fashion, nightlife, youth and partying.

  7. Forgiveness UBM 2387

    Choir, strings and piano make for an impressive track full of grandeur and hope. Perfect for movies and computer games.

  8. Marimba Motion UBM 2382

    Marimbatrack, which is almost investigative. Socially critical and sociopolitical features can be accompanied with this piece.