Playlist image June 11: Opening of the Berlin Biennale 2022
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June 11: Opening of the Berlin Biennale 2022

The Berlin Biennale is a forum for contemporary art in the German capital. It takes place every two years at different locations in Berlin and is shaped by the concepts of well-known curators. The motto of the Biennale 2022 is "Still Present!". This year the exhibitions can be visited from June 11th to September 18th. Photo by Maximilian Zahn on Unsplash

Tracks (13)

  1. BFF UBM 2459

    A solid ambience in the same familiar quality we've come to appreciate. Smoothly underlined by authentic lofi beats. For streetwear shops or subcultural tutorials.

  2. Infaltilis UBM 2326

    Imagination unleashed. Sound design meets groove.

  3. Moon Gem UBM 2402

    A wonderfully light track with a subtle retro charm. Great for programs on art, design, comics and modern sustainable living.

  4. Nervous Dreams UBM 2341

    Confused and unable to fall back to sleep. Tension is spreading. Marimba and guitar create minimal nervous mood.

  5. Hydrostatics UBM 2315

    Neutral, straight-forward electronic track. Contemporary, fast-paced but not too rough.

  6. Acid Jazz UBM 2252

    Dynamic track with bass, synth and drums. For technical content and reports on gaming culture.

  7. Einstein UBM 2303

    Ambient-style meets Hip Hop. Relaxed track. with a light electro swing feel to it.

  8. Greater London UBM 2451

    Airily arranged, rhythmically restrained crackling and crunching piece referencing the British club sound aesthetic of the late nineties.

  9. Metropolis UBM 2289

    Distant worlds. Waiting for discovery. Lightly driven and not overpowering.

  10. Rammerside UBM 2443

    Subdued, jazzy piece with sporadic, rarely thematic drum interjections. Piano and double bass are juxtaposed in fragmented scales, sequences and arpeggios with no clear musical center. Complex communicative situations, not without potential for conflict, might sound this way.

  11. The Scientist UBM 2411

    Serious track with lots of little details. For podcasts, tutorials and YouTube reports on media and technology.

  12. Blue Cool ARTFCD44

    Bright glassy tones and melody

  13. Rhythm Bells UBM 2352

    New age composition with rhythmic bells and percussive drums. Urgent, unusual, artistic.