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Best of UBM 2022

In 2022 we were able to release a large number of fantastic albums. Look back with us on an exciting musical year: here comes a favorite track from each of our 2022 releases!

Tracks (34)

  1. Kick and Soul UBM 2459

    Casual and serene, this track radiates superior coolness. Bang on as an underscore for classy product presentations, as well as for lit skate vids.

  2. La Famiglia UBM 2452

    A minimalistic, gloomy piano figure is gradually joined by further ominous sounds. Great for sophisticated thrillers, mafia films and Nordic noir.

  3. Prepared Mess UBM 2447

    Syncopated piece for partially prepared piano over a steady rhythmic motif which slightly ironically suggests the restlessness of a bumpy journey.

  4. Fresh Start UBM 2434

    Everything's new, everything's different – from the email signature to the pattern of the office carpet. The first day in a new job. Hands-on and coldly calculating.

  5. Cooking With The Stars UBM 2467

    No morning magazine without a cooking section! This happy acoustic track underlines the joy of baking, cooking and enjoying.

  6. Neuroplasticity UBM 2442

    Crystalline, percussive synthesizer arpeggios with sparse electronic beats. Ideal for neurological topics, features about networks and big data and investigative research.

  7. Andean Bus UBM 2457

    South American inspired sounds with flute, guitar and percussion. For travel reports, cooking shows and podcasts about sustainable tourism.

  8. Holistic Healing UBM 2415

    For relaxation and sleep apps, this warm analogue synthesizer track is the right choice. It opens up a world of peace and security.

  9. Rush To Help UBM 2470

    Time is pressing. Now courageous action is called for. Hurried to rushed strings with hectic electronic percussion.

  10. Coffee Table Boogaloo UBM 2458

    The stands are set up at the flea market, dealers and buyers look forward to exciting negotiations. This cheerful rock 'n' roll matches the happy anticipation.

  11. Next Level UBM 2466

    Take your productivity to the next level! Image films and multimedia brochures from the fields of technology, IT and services are transformed into a professional presentation with this lively track carried by electric guitar, keyboard and drums.

  12. Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre UBM 2446

    Buoyant, with a touch of nostalgia. Deeply rooted in the old country like a gnarled old tree.

  13. Jazzilla UBM 2444

    A relaxed jazz pop number with a characteristic, quite stately pentatonic saxophone theme, in this respect mildly reminiscent of Asian music. Middle part featuring an upbeat, jazzy guitar solo; in the verses more restrained, over a major seven chord progression that invites to dream.

  14. New Therapies UBM 2454

    Thanks to new, advanced therapy options, many formerly frightening diseases have lost their horror today. Pizzicato strings and bell-like marimba hover over gentle guitar chords and a lively beat.

  15. Commuters UBM 2449

    Friday afternoon, the weekend is just around the corner. The commuters on the train quickly complete the last tasks. Light, relaxed, routine.

  16. Bad Boy Jenkins UBM 2463

    Who is Bad Boy Jenkins? The charming and charismatic blues man is always on the go and doesn't need much apart from his guitar and a few poker cards.

  17. Atlantis Avenue UBM 2460

    Human history has seen countless empires flourish and wither away. Some of them swept into the depths by raging floods for all eternity. Modular synthesizers bubble profoundly of past tragedies and historical turning points.

  18. Bicycles UBM 2464

    Slowly and exhausted, the detective goes in search of clues. The search is tiring, but new clues keep the suspense alive.

  19. Flowing Piece UBM 2474

    The Rhine flows majestically over a distance of over 1200km. From the source in Switzerland, it flows through nine European countries. This neo-romantic piano composition translates the tranquility of this historic stream into warm arpeggios and a soulful melody.

  20. Warehouse Rendevous UBM 2465

    In the shadow of the warehouses near the docks in the harbour district, two shadowy figures close a weapons deal. Enigmatic and slightly sinister.

  21. Empathic Healing UBM 2468

    The human psyche fascinates researchers and individuals alike. This warm track with undertones of mystery accompanies podcasts and reports on therapy, mental health and mindfulness.

  22. Quest Of The Hunter UBM 2453

    Like an intro for an old school detective movie. Exciting, astute and sure of victory, the evidence is collected and combined until the riddle is solved.

  23. Bore Out UBM 2471

    Relaxed, summery chillout track featuring synths, piano and wafting keyboard pads. Perfect for travel magazines or DIY tutorials. Cooking programs with a focus on desserts and light cuisine also benefit from this composition.

  24. Grand Tense UBM 2469

    Hopeful, technocratic synth track with the aura of early 1990s techno-utopianism. Where do you want to go today?

  25. All Inclusive UBM 2455

    Cheerful whistling, a gentle 4/4 beat and jazzy guitar chords offer the right background music for hotel facilities, holiday videos and DIY tutorials.

  26. Noisy Minds UBM 2443

    Walking bass and phasy fusion organ conjure up swirly psychedelic inner worlds, driven by a frenzied swing beat. Equally suited for depicting altered states of mind as well as to act as an in-between music for audio plays with a familiar retro appeal.

  27. A World Beyond UBM 2445

    Infinite expanses: this ambient track supports your podcast on topics like mysticism, adventure travel or science fiction.

  28. Primavera A Padova UBM 2462

    Impressionistic composition for romance films and historical documentaries. Exuberant strings and horns meet accentuating drums and percussion, creating a classic soundscape that keeps increasing.

  29. Common Sense UBM 2448

    Thoughtful and at the same time open and tolerant. For documentaries and biographical features.

  30. Rainbow UBM 2437

    This beautiful, memorable melody is the ideal musical background for articles about natural travel, medieval role-playing games and Celtic culture.

  31. Zen UBM 2440

    A calming drone, flutes and shimmering sound elements create the right atmosphere for meditation and reflection.

  32. Quiet Space UBM 2451

    Test image on cathode ray tube – a blue reflection illuminating woodchip living landscapes. True neutral.

  33. Mice On Rollerskates UBM 2456

    Curious composition for electronic organ and flute. Hasty, funny, idiosyncratic.

  34. Missing And Indulgent UBM 2461

    Slight melancholy blows through the corridors. Restrained composition with piano and acoustic guitar arpeggios.